For This Episode of The Career Expert Serieswe will be hearing from Anna Runyan from Classy Career Girl.

#22 - Career Expert Series - Anna Runyan from Classy Career Girl

Episode Summary

1. The first step in the Job Search process is to figure out what you want. The more clear you are, the more effective your job search and career will be.

2. Knowing what you enjoy and don’t enjoy in your current job – will give you clues about the ideal job your should be applying for.

3. Using Visualization, affirmations,etc. will help you to put yourself in the right mindset and attitude. Being in the right mindset will do wonders for you during your job search.

4. Secrets to getting your Career Unstuck.

5. Recruiters only take 5 seconds to look at your resume. It is upto you to make it stand out and grab their attention.

6. Prepare the answer to the Top Interview questions. The more prepared you are – the more confident you will come across during the interview.

7. Before starting the Salary negotiation process – find out exactly how much you need to make. The more prepared you are – the better your chances of negotiating the best salary.

8. The importance of baby steps. Take small steps in the direction of your dreams/aspirations – and you will eventually succeed.

9. Don’t stay stuck – there are other better opportunities out there for you.


To learn more & connect with Anna Runyan – you can reach her through LinkedIn or Twitter

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