#9 – Career Expert Series : Ben Austin from Stop Start DoFor This Episode of The Career Expert Serieswe will be hearing from Ben Austin from Stop.Start.Do.

The Topic of today’s discussion is How to Improve your Communication Skills to become more promotable.

Episode Summary

1. It’s crucial to improve your communications skills. It will help you stand out among everyone else.

2. “You don’t matter at all in the communication – it’s all about them. The other person cares about them.”– Remember this as you are learning different modes of communication.

3. Toastmasters & Improv will help you with your communication, public speaking skills

4. Listening is a key aspect to mastering your communication skills.

5. Verbal Communication is only 7% of your communication; the rest is non-verbal (tonality,body language,etc.)

6. Improve your writing skills by setting up a Blog (Write 500 words day).

7. Advanced Communication skills – explore Podcasting as a skill-set to build your skills.

Ben’s key to improving Email Communication:

  1. Write Short Sentences.
  2. Use the right amount of punctuations,periods,etc.
  3. Use the right amount of spacing.
  4. Reduce the eye strain on the reader.
  5. Improve readers’ comprehension by reducing the number of words.


To learn more about Ben Austin visit his website ; and also his post on the different personality tests to discover your Leadership skills.

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