For this Episode of The Career Expert Serieswe will be learning from Brian Howard from The Motivated Job Search.

#30 - Career Expert Series - Brian Howard from The Motivated Job Search

Brian Howard is an Executive Recruiter for the past 20+ years. He also helps Job seekers with sound and practical advice through his blog- The Motivated Job Search.

Brian is also the author of the recently released job search books, The Motivated Job Search and The Motivated Networker.

He is a Certified Career Management Coach (CCMC), a Certified Job Search Strategist (CJSS), a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), an actively practicing executive recruiter.

Episode Summary

1. The challenges that job seekers face is common amongst most candidates. It is a skill/situation that most candidates are not used to, and the frustrations are common across the board. Sometimes, job search is a new skill that candidates need to learn to become Employed.

2. The biggest mistake people make is that they underestimate the amount of time and effort it takes to get a new job. The other mistake job seekers make is that they use a shotgun approach i.e. most candidates do not focus and target their activities.

3. The probability of someone landing a job from traditional Job boards is about 1/118. The chances are less than 1%. In order to be effective and increase your odds – identify who the Hiring Manager is and get in touch with them directly.

4. In order to get into the right mindset, set the right expectations before you start off the job search. Brian also talks about having an Attitude of gratitude, and how that helps lift your spirits and putting you in the right frame of mind.

5. Pursue a Professional Designation that will make you more valuable. A credible & relevant designation will definitely make you stand out. Another benefit of this is that it will help you become unstuck, it’s mentally and emotionally stimulating.

6. Personal Branding plays a major role in differentiating you from other candidates.

7. Share success stories about your past roles that quantifies & qualifies your skills/experiences. Some examples of differentiators are Brag Sheets, Testimonial lists, client references, Career Summary Sheet, 30-60-90 Day Plans,etc.

8. LinkedIn is the first place recruiters, HR Managers, and Hiring Managers go to prior to them looking at your resume. Proper LinkedIn optimization makes you more searchable and discoverable.

Five Questions

The 5 Questions that Hiring Managers want answered before they extend you a job offer:

  • Can you do the job?
  • Will you do the job?
  • Will your performance have a positive impact on Company goals?
  • Do you fit in culturally?
  • Can I afford this person?


To learn more about Brian Howard’s work visit his website. He can also be reached on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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