For Episode 74 of The CareerMetis Podcast, we will be hearing from Brian K Wright .

This interview is part of  the “Career Expert Series“.

#74 - Career Expert Series - Brian K Wright

Guest Introduction – Brian K Wright

Brian K Wright is the host of Success Profiles Radio, and his mission is to inspire others to discover their unique talents and follow their dreams in life.

With extensive experience teaching and training in economic and corporate environments, he understand that many people live far below their potential because they really believe they don’t deserve success.

Episode Summary

1. Brian kicks off the interview chatting about Success Profiles Radio and all of the cool opportunities that were generated as a result of having the show.

2. He also describes the way the show leveled up his network, allowing for those opportunities to take shape.

3. He explains that he sees a lot of people living below their potential, and afraid to take the leap in case things don’t work out.

4. He also touches on the fact that having a job at some point in life is very beneficial to deciding what kind of leader you want to grow into.

5. He talks about the success mindset and how a lot of people keep themselves from being successful because they don’t feel deserving.

6. He describes the impact that an adjustment to that mindset creates in life, and how tangible it can be: houses, cars, security, you name it.

7. Brian talks about having gratitude and how it can reflect in some pretty amazing ways back to you, he also explains that giving creates a feeling that aids in building happiness in life.

8. He also talks about finding your gifts and utilizing them in order to make the most out of your job, business or life.

9. He lists the top 3 skill sets industries will always need to hire. He also breaks down communication, sales and marketing, and how the pertain to any career or job setting, as well as in the job search itself.

10. Finally he leaves off with thoughts about self worth, and how hearing something from a friend encouraged him to continue building toward success


“If you do aspire to start out on your own, you want to have an idea of what kind of leader you want to be, and what kind of leader you don’t want to be”.

“It’s really a life altering question: What if it goes right?”.

“Life is about finding your gift and having the greatest possible impact”.

“A lot of people feel like they don’t deserve success and so they hold themselves back”.

“Life is too short to do something you hate”.

“You cannot have more without being thankful for what you already have in front of you”.

“Any industry will require one of those three skill sets: communication, sales or marketing”.

“The person with the most energy wins. The person with the most confidence wins.”.


To learn more about Brian K Wright’s work visit his website.

You can also connect with him on LinkedIn , Twitter or Facebook

We also recommend that you listen to Brian’s Podcast – Success Profiles Radio.

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