Caroline Ceniza-Levine is a former management consultant and recruiter who started Six Figure Start back in 2008 for job seekers, career changers and those who are employed and looking to get to the next level of their career. The team pride themselves on being able to bring the employer’s perspective to its’ clients by drawing from a vast amount of recruiting and hiring experience.

Caroline’s goal is to help her clients build or obtain the type of career that will fulfill them, make them truly happy, and allow them to grow both personally and professionally.

This interview is part of  the “Career Expert Series“.

Episode Summary:

1. Caroline tells us about the types of clients she works with in her business: Six Figure Start

2. She gives us a quick look at the challenges people face when starting fresh: including interests, locations, goals and how the translate to the job

3. Caroline explains the first few steps she would typically walk a new client through, including the 4 basic components that are crucial to starting strong.

4. Motivation during the job search gets explained, and tips to keep motivated are shared.

5. Caroline talks about personal brands and what that consists of for someone who is just starting out.

6. Linkedin is looked at in terms of networking and resume building, and Caroline offers tips on how to get more from your Linkedin profile.

7. Caroline stresses the importance of interview practice, who you should practice with, and why it’s important to have a cover letter

8. Tips for salary negotiation and important considerations are brought to our attention.


“Reaching that echelon of the six figure career is really the start of their journey. They still need to think about – Are they happy? Are they Growing? Are they fulfilled by the career that they’ve built?”

“That’s really the first thing that every job seeker needs to do – to have a clear idea of what their target market is”

“Sometimes you have to be realistic about your interests and how they match up with the life and lifestyle that you’re thinking about”

“We really try to get our clients, whether they are entry level or experiences, to think about networking and interviewing as one category”

“You need to be deliberate and productive”

“A confused mind says no”

“The job search of today is not the job search of 20 years ago”


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To learn more about Caroline Ceniza-Levine visit her website. She can also be reached on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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