Daisy Wright  is a certified career management and leadership coach who collaborates with executives, managers and mid-career professionals in order to help them get hired faster.

Daisy exemplifies a positive can-do attitude in her work with her clients. She is also the author of two books surrounding the job experience topic.

This interview is part of  the “Career Expert Series“.

#34 - Career Expert Series : Daisy Wright on Competing in Today's Job Market

Episode Summary:

1. Daisy Wright tells us how she became a career coach after peaking in her own corporate job and exploring new opportunities with the help of a coach.

2. She talks about the value of third party perspective and why getting an unbiased opinion matters.

3. Daisy gives tips for building an effective resume.

4. She gives her opinion on cover letters and discusses the importance of them in the recruitment process. She also explains how to use one to your advantage in your job search.

5. Daisy shares her top interview tips, and the value of research. She also talks about how “Doing the unthinkable” will set you apart from your competition.

6. She also encourages people who are not currently looking for jobs to be aware of what is out there, like social media – specifically LinkedIn


“50% of recruiters read cover letters, and 50% don’t.”

“Know yourself and your story. What are your success stories? How did you move the needle?”

“Research the company, and go beyond the company website. Google the company. Read up on their annual reports. See what other people are saying about them. See how they compare to their competitors.”

“We have to learn to do the unthinkable. Do things differently. Just don’t follow the crowd.”

“It’s all about personal branding. It’s all about harnessing your unique value proposition.”

“Always engage in professional and personal development.”


To learn more about Daisy Wright visit her website. She can also be reached on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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