For Episode 80 of The CareerMetis Podcast, we will be hearing from Eric B. Horn.

This interview is part of  the “Career Expert Series“.

#80 - Career Expert Series - Eric B. Horn

Guest Introduction – Eric B. Horn

Eric B Horn is the cohost of a video blog C.A.R.E Vlog and the co-founder and co-moderator of the Facebook group The C.A.R.E. Club. He has written 4 books and has been at thing for a long time. He’s helped multiple job seekers to land their dream jobs and start compelling and fulfilling careers.

He’s an IT geek, and at his first job after college, after 4 years and 4 promotions, there was a downsizing in the company and he was let go. He wasn’t prepared for it, and was caught without a resume or savings to fall back on. It was the wake up call that he needed to better prepare himself for the career management world.

After this run in, and the journey that followed, he decided to share his experience, and expertise to help others find the career they would truly thrive in.

Episode Summary

1. Eric and Nissar discuss trends, and how the evolution of technology is always a game changer in the world of career management. He explains that as technology advance, people are forced out of jobs that no longer require as much of the human element, and they simply aren’t prepared for it.

2. He also shares that people lack initiative when it comes to training and educating themselves, and rely too heavily on corporate America to give them what they need.

3. He talks about people making the excuse “I can’t afford to go back to school” and gives action steps a person can take even if that is a true statement in order to make a shift toward a better future.

4. He also describes a very real misconception people have about applying for jobs in the modern day, and that it’s just no longer the case. Things have changed drastically from previous years, and it takes a much more involved approach to get where you want to go in today’s job market.

5. He takes a moment to break down the number one asset you have in your arsenal when it comes to the job search: your relationships. Eric shares that for every position posted online, there are hundreds of applicants, and as a result of that, people are more likely to hire someone they know, like and trust over a complete stranger.

6. He says that people in your network that you forge real connections with, are more likely to open doors for you that you’d be unable to open for yourself.

7.  Nissar asks Eric to share some ideas, insights or tips on how to build a better network, and Eric is more than happy to oblige! Eric explains that helping a fellow professional and providing them with help is a great way to create a strong relationship right away.

8. He also describes the fear that you have to get over in order to put yourself out there, do the thing you may not want to do, and build strong bonds with the people around you.

9. He talks about massive job websites and how they are here to stay, but that they benefit a company more than a job seeker, because a company needs to fill a position quickly and understands that a large volume of applicants will be available to them.

10. For the job seeker, it’s important to find a way to stand out beyond the job banks, and establish a way to share their expertise in order to attract the right connections and people who need their knowledge and skills.

#80 - Career Expert Series - Eric B. Horn


“I’m never going to put my career in someone else’s hands”

“You’re going to be tested in your career in some way, shape or form”

“Always ask yourself: ‘What are you becoming?’ not ‘What’s happening to you?’”

“Every time technology evolves, it puts people in positions to lose their jobs”

“We both know that the only constant is change”

“You will find a job a lot faster based on the relationship you have with people”

“Help your fellow professional”

“It’s a giver’s gain world”

Links & Resources

To learn more about Eric B. Horn visit his website.

You can also connect with him on LinkedIn , Twitter , Instagram and YouTube

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