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For Episode 95 of The CareerMetis Podcast, we will be hearing from Erin Rocchio.

This interview is part of  the “Career Expert Series“.

#95 - Career Expert Series - Erin Rocchio

Guest Introduction – Erin Rocchio

Erin Rocchio is the founder of Erin Rocchio Consulting, she helps senior executives thrive without burnout by focusing on things like leadership acceleration, stress relief, team development, personal growth and much more.

She’s based out of San Diego, and loves her city more and gains a deeper appreciation for it with each passing year.

Episode Summary

1. Erin kicks off the episode by sharing what she does for executives, and how the evolution of her interests, passions and skills has shifted to focus on people who wish to be effective and high performing, while still having a life and a family.

2. Erin initially thought she would be getting into a government job, but instead found herself in a much more fulfilling career where she can add value to people’s lives.

3. Erin explains why she feels that the first 90 days of a job are so crucial. She shares a few things that someone needs to look out for if they don’t want to be spending the rest of their time repairing the damage and trying to catch up. Getting the dream job is only part of the equation, after that: the first 90 days are the next big step.

4. Erin discusses the importance of building trust, and how much weight needs to be placed here in order to build great personal and professional relationships.

5. Erin also explains how to display competence at your job while continuing to learn and build confidence within the new role. On top of trust and competence, learning how things work within the company, and who you can turn to for help makes a huge difference in your success within an organization.

6. Mentorship is also a key contributor to success within the workplace. Erin gives some examples and ideas surrounding mentorship, and how it helps build desirable attributes within your own work ethic, leadership and confidence.

7. Erin shares ways to learn from someone else, even if they are afraid to approach someone. She also describes the most impactful mentoring relationships, and how to obtain that.

8. Erin talks about burnout, and the reason why it impacts so many professionals on a day to day basis. She describes the conditions that increase our risk of burnout, and why it’s so difficult to avoid, and why we ultimately become negative, reserved or even become less effective.

9. Erin brings up finding methods of renewal, and why it’s so important to your overall performance to do things that aren’t work related.


“The first 90 days are really make or break”

“People need to know you and they need to know they can trust you”
“You need to demonstrate that you’re competent at you job”

“People are more receptive to change when they feel that what’s most important about their history and their past gets preserved”

“You can still learn a lot from someone by observing them”

“North America has a unique way of working which is completely unsustainable”

“If everything is a priority, nothing is a priority”

“As we work more we get less and less productive”

“We’re wearing burnout like a badge”

Links & Resources

To learn more about Erin Rocchio, you can visit her company website. He can also be reached via LinkedIn or Twitter .

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