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For Episode 113 of The CareerMetis Podcast, we will be hearing from Gorett Reis.

This interview is part of  the “Career Expert Series“.

#113 - Career Expert Series - Gorett Reis


Gorett Reis is a Certified life and career coach and speaker. She guides success driven professionals who desire to advance their careers. She helps people advance within their career, gain greater autonomy, get better pay, and experience more confidence and joy.


1. After being in education for many years and being dissatisfied with her career, Gorett knew a change had to be made. She took a day off for reflection, and found her answer and began life and career coaching after researching different schools and programs.

2. Gorett draws a few parallels between coaching and teaching, but explains that coaching is more client focused than teaching. She also describes the 2 challenges that people who find her are typically experiencing including career advancement and finding direction in their professional life.

3. Gorett explains the concept of having an essential self, and a social self, and how they are shaped and formed. She also brings to light that choices made for the social self can often be in conflict with what is good for the essential self.

4. Gorett gives some ideas for finding your own answers and beginning the journey toward clarity of direction. She points out that taking action on what you want is crucial to experiencing positive change in your life.

5. Work life balance is something we hear about, but what about integration? Gorett describes what that means, and where it fits in on the path to fulfillment in life. Getting joy from work, and getting joy from life outside of work are both things to strive for and figure out.


  • “I’m so glad I gave myself that break in routine”

  • “It’s all about the client”

  • “They’d been doing something else that their parents wanted, or what they thought society expected of them”

  • “What do you want? What are your values?”

  • “How much pain are you in, and are you willing to experience more of the same pain?”

  • “Give yourself some space to reflect”


To learn more about Gorett Reis, visit her website. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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