For Episode 75 of The CareerMetis Podcast, we will be hearing from Isaac Morehouse

This interview is part of  the “Career Expert Series“.

#75 - Career Expert Series - Isaac MorehouseGuest Introduction – Isaac Morehouse

Isaac describes his career path and what he noticed throughout his time working in and around higher education organizations.

He noticed that something was amiss between students leaving higher education and looking for work, and the employers who were hungry for talent but couldn’t find it.

He launched Praxis to fulfill that need and bridge the gap, and it has been a growing success.

Episode Summary

1. Isaac breaks down the differences between internship and apprenticeship, and how companies view each of them.

2. He also explains the benefits of an apprenticeship for the employer and why Praxis offers them instead of internship positions.

3. Isaac also explains the benefit of apprenticeship for the employee. He talks about the level of training and education people receive is getting them into positions that would normally require a college degree.

4. He shares some insights on the idea of being able to showcase what you can do, and how the apprenticeship helps to build skills and relationships that ensure a successful match.

5.  He describes the ways people are born entrepreneurial, and how the education system is designed in a manner that tends to suffocate those qualities in favor of a more streamlined learning environment.

6. He shares ways to break the mold and get out there in a much more creative way to showcase your talents, skills and abilities in order to get more opportunities.

7. Isaac shares a ton of tips to help you get recognized for a career or job. He explains that being diligent and consistent, and quick to respond are just a few things that will set you apart from your competition.

8. He also shares a massive outlook about passion, doing what you love, and chiseling away the parts that you don’t like over time.


“As long as I was doing something I didn’t hate, I figured it was okay”.

“We’re giving you this trial run, show us what you’ve got”.

“They’re doing this instead of college, and getting jobs that say you need a college degree”.

“What kind of problems can I solve and how can I prove that to them?”.

“If you keep it alive just enough, I think you can learn to fan it back into a flame”.

“You should respond to every email within 24 hours max.”.

“First impressions matter”.

“Don’t do things that you hate, and everything else is fair game”.


To learn more about Isaac Morehouse’s work visit his website.

You can also connect with him on LinkedIn or Twitter

We also recommend that you listen to Isaac’s Podcast –The Isaac Morehouse Podcast.

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