For This Episode of The Career Expert Serieswe will be hearing from Jacob Share from Job Mob.

#21 - Career Expert Series : Jacob Share from JobMob

Episode Summary

During the episode Jacob Share discussed with us ideas & tips from his 10 years of experience helping candidates from around the world. Here is a summary of my interview with Jacob Share.

1. The most challenge thing about Job search is the lack of a feedback loop. This is a common problem across the globe. Candidates do not get immediate feedback whether their approach/strategy is working or not.

2. The more information people have – the more confident they will be during their job research.

3. The importance of preparing a Work Portfolio. Having one will help you realize your past successes. And it also comes very handy during the job search process.

4. The purpose of a resume is to get the first call from the Employer. In short, your resume is your marketing document.

5. Demand-based Job Search. Research the market, find out what skills are in demand. Based on your research, then tailor your resume and apply. This ensures that you are maximizing the opportunities in the marketplace.

6. Social Media such as LinkedIn, helps you to promote yourself actively and passively. It is a necessary branding tool.

7. How doing the right amount of research can aid you during the job interview?

8. The importance of seeking out help from a Career Coach will save you tremendous amounts of time. Accelerate your job search and see results quicker.

Links and Resources

To learn more & connect with Jacob Share – you can reach him through his LinkedIn or Twitter.

During the interview Jacob mentioned his upcoming Job Search program. For more information check out the course here.

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