#44 - Career Expert Series : Joy C. Lin on Discussing the Inner Game of Job Search

Joy C. Lin is the Founder and Coach of Quarter Life Joy. She coaches professionals to architect a career and life that serves their unique goals and strengths- not just now, but in their lifetime. Her speciality is identifying and building key habits, patterns for peak performance, and instincts for confident decision-making.

Through mixed methods of coaching, strategy, and depth work, she commits to empower individuals to create the life and the impact they envision.

She contributes to platforms including Forbes, The Muse, Time, Career Contessa, and more. Joy has successfully coached hundreds of professionals and leaders all over the world and in the US.

This interview is part of  the “Career Expert Series“.

Episode Summary

1. Joy shares some of her story, and the non-linear career path that lead to her calling.

2. She discusses some of the challenges she and her clients work through together.

3. Joy expands on the concept of mastering your inner game.

4. Joy elaborates on the process of getting a job and how to stand out from the competition, and the importance of networking.

5. She also talks about resumes and how to make them effective for you as the job seeker, and how to make it stand out to the job you’re applying for.

6. talks about the benefits of technology and platforms like Linkedin.


“In a sense, music was my passion and still is my passion, and coaching is my calling” 

“Having a non-linear career path can still lead you to your calling and what you love to do.” 

“A lot of what we do it up to our mindset, and it’s empowered by the psychology we have over ourselves” 

“They believe a thought in their head, which is not entirely true” 

“You’re more likely, by a lot, to gain a job offer through a referral” 

“Follow your curiosity at all times”


To learn more about Joy C. Lin you can visit her blog . You can also connect with her on Joy C. Lin Facebook and Twitter.

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