For Episode 96 of The CareerMetis Podcast, we will be hearing from Justin Dux

This interview is part of  the “Career Expert Series“.

#96 - Career Expert Series - Justin Dux

Guest Introduction – Justin Dux

Justin Dux is the Host of the Career Cloud Radio, which was recently awarded by Mac’s List as one of the top career podcasts.

Episode Summary

1. Justin talks about the podcast, how he acquired it, and the winning of the award. He also shares why he was so interested in Career Cloud Radio, and how he’s using the podcast to create community, and a place to curate stories and experience for the audience in order to make their lives a little easier.

2. Justin discusses the power of the ask, and how having success with asking leads to the confidence to ask more, and get more results.

3. Justin also gets into body language, and facial expressions, and how they play into effective communication in order to better your chances of success. Taking the conversation offline can have a massive impact.

4. Justin talks about gratitude, and why it’s the best place to come from when speaking to other people. Getting your purpose out there immediately is important, and gratitude can get through that barrier much more cleanly and quickly.

5. Justin mentions that one of the things he struggles with when it comes to networking, and how he’s been able to rectify it in order to spend more time connecting, and less time tripping over schedules.

6. Justin also spends some time discussing comfort zones, and the benefits of getting out of them and reaching for bigger goals.


“A week later I had a podcast microphone on my desk that he’d sent me, and all I had done was ask for the privilege.”

“The best mental state you want to be in during networking is gratitude”.

“Now I know things that I wish I had known 15 years ago”

“That established listenership is like a community for me”

“They want to hear these moments of change so they can resonate with themselves, and find the truth for themselves that works for them”

“It takes very little to form a relationship”.

Links & Resources

To learn more about Justin Dux, you can visit his company website. He can also be reached via LinkedIn or Twitter . He can also be reached via email.

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