For this Episode of The Career Expert Series – we will be hearing from Lori Howard from Unearth Your Worth.#26 - Career Expert Series - Lori Howard from Unearth Your Worth

Lori is on a mission to help you love your job and thrive in your career. As a career identity specialist and professional resume writer, Lori helps you discover the work you’d love to do, that you’d be great at, feel proud of, and that will pay for all your stuff. Lori has an amazing ability to help you figure out what you really want from your career, and how to get it now.

Experience in a variety of corporations and industries, including IT, financial services, and theater, combined with her personal journey and a passion for helping others embrace what they uniquely offer, have created a skill set unlike any other: a balance of pragmatism, process, and knowing how to create and sustain a career you love. 

This interview is part of  the “Career Expert Series“.

Episode Summary

1. The #1 Challenge facing job-seekers today is that they don’t know what to do next. If they do know and are clear on what they want, many do not know how to get there.

2. Confidence is King when it comes to your job search process. Before you begin the process, take some time to clarify your strengths,experiences,etc. In this way you are then able to confidently articulate those with potential employers.

3. Make sure you are always targeting your resume to the type of jobs/careers you are applying for. Your resume is your marketing piece. It should tell the potential employer who you are, what you have done, and where you want to go next.

4. Lori talks about the importance of quantifying everything in your resume.

5. Cover Letters are important. Including a cover letter along with your resume, will improve your odds.

6. Don’t use a form letter. Lori covers some key points on how to properly craft a cover letter.

7. A solid LinkedIn Profile attracts recruiters. Also use LinkedIn to build and nurture relationships and grow your network.

8. A key interview hack is discussed in this episode – take control of the conversation. If you as a candidate are able to control the flow of information, then you are in a better situation.

9. The best time to negotiate is after you have received the job offer. Keep the salary discussions to the end of the process. Secure the offer first.

Bonus – LinkedIn Teleseminar

Lori has an upcoming free LinkedIn Tele-class on August 30th Leverage LinkedIn for Your Career Transition and Job Search .There will be a recording available for anyone who can’t attend the live call. The materials are update, so it’s fresh up-to-date tips and strategies.


To learn more & connect with Lori Howard – you can reach her through her website. Lori Howard can also be found on her LinkedIn and also through Twitter.

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