For Episode 77 of The CareerMetis Podcast, we will be hearing from Mac Prichard

This interview is part of  the “Career Expert Series“.

#77 - Career Expert Series - Mac Prichard

Guest Introduction – Mac Prichard

Mac Prichard is the founder of Mac’s List, a community that connects over 80,000 creative and passionate individuals and professionals every month to help them find meaningful and creative careers.

Mac’s List has been around since 2001, and Mac joins us today to talk about the career space, and what his extensive experience has taught him about careers and job seeking in general.

Episode Summary

1. Mac kicks off the discussion describing his early career, and his involvement in communications, politics and government, as well as a public relations company that he created.

2. He also talks about 2 periods of unemployment that caused him to learn a whole new skill set within job seeking and career building. One of the positive things that came out of his time unemployed was Mac’s List, his newsletter that helps people find work they love, and work that matters.

3.  Mac explains his belief behind why communication in the job search is still such a challenge today despite all of the resources and information available.

4. He attributes a lot of success to getting clarity surrounding what you want, and how knowing exactly what you’d enjoy and what your goals are can take a lot of the headache out of the job search.

5. He also shares some tips surrounding getting clear, and setting proper goals for yourself and your career.

6. He describes what a personal brand is, and how it can either be shaped by you, or defined for you. He talks about the importance of curating your online presence, because not only are employers going to Google you, but so are their clients when you become part of the team. He also gives reasons as to why LinkedIn is a much bigger piece of the puzzle than it used to be.

7. Mac shares the differences between the job hunt from the past, and today, as well as some of the principles that haven’t changed at all. He puts weight on the power of personal relationships, as well as your online network, because employers are far more likely to hire a person they know, or someone who is recommended by a person that they trust.

8. He also talks about things that have changed within the job interview, and a lot of mistakes people make when they finally do get to the interview stage. He mentions preparation, and how crucial it can be, as well as the biggest mistake people tend to make within the interview.

9. He talks about the employer, their needs, and how you as a candidate should be focusing on how to positively impact those needs. Mac also discloses the single most powerful question to ask an interviewer, and why it’s so effective.


“The common denominator that runs through my career is wanting to make a difference about issues that I care about”.

“Helping people find a job that they can love creates so much positive change”.

“Many of us don’t take the time to get clear about what we want”.

“Take the time to tackle goal setting”.

“If you don’t know what you want, you make it hard for people to help you”.

“Value of service is so important”.

“Something that hasn’t changed is the value of preparation”.

“If I’m fortunate enough to get this job and you and I are sitting down in 12 months time for my first annual review, what are the three things you’ll want me to tell you that I’ve done for you?”

Links & Resources

To learn more about Mac Prichard work visit his website.

You can also connect with him on LinkedIn ,Facebook or Twitter

We also recommend that you listen to Mac’sPodcast – Find Your Dream Job Podcast

As discussed during the interview – you can learn more about Mac’s new book here – Land Your Dream Job Anywhere.

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