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For Episode 108 of The CareerMetis Podcast, we will be hearing from Nick J. Murphy.

This interview is part of  the “Career Expert Series“.

#108 - Career Expert Series - Nick J.Murphy

Guest Introduction – Nick J.Murphy

Nick J. Muprhy is the host of the Job Lab Podcast and the founder of Mid America Careers.

He is a former professional athlete, experienced HR Tech entrepreneur, father of 5, speaker and frequent media contributor on topics related to jobs and careers.

Episode Summary

1. After leaving the NFL and looking for a job as a transitioning athlete, Nick realized that the job seeking experience had some gaps that needed filling, and some issues that could use improvement.

2. Nick shares the inspiration behind starting the Job Lab Podcast, and how a thought provoking question from his coach led him to create a platform for people to learn about the things he knew well.

3. Technological differences in the job advertising market, as well as job seekers finally being heard are two things that Nick references when asked about changes within the career search.

4. Nick gives a few solid suggestions when it comes to the job search: Be specific about what you’re looking for, and find out who can introduce you to the people you’re looking to meet. It’s not always about who you know directly, but who they can introduce you to.


“I wanted to solve those problems and do things outside of the box and that’s not always possible in corporate environments”

“What are you doing to make a difference?”

“You need to reach out and see who you know”

“If you want a job and you have the skills, chances are you can find one”

“Finding what’s fulfilling and finding what fits you right now is the biggest challenge people are facing”

“Be specific about what you want”

Links & Resources

To learn more about Nick J. Muprhy, you can visit his company website. 

Nick can also be reached via LinkedIn Twitter , or Instagram.

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