For This Episode of The CareerMetis Podcast – we will be hearing from Peter Duris from

This interview is part of  the “Career Expert Series“.

#13 – Career Expert Series : Peter Duris from

Peter Duris is a tech, web and design enthusiast and professional. He’s the CEO of Kickresume where he cares about design, talking to people and project management.

He founded his first company when he was 19 with friend Tomas. He is a civil engineer, half of his life he has dedicated to professional hockey, loves surfing, snowboarding and he’s a big fan of Futurama and Space.

Episode Summary

1. Peter shares the Top 3 mistakes candidates make in creating their resumes

2. Resume Trends from across the globe.

3. The Importance of having a strong Personal Brand – personal website, social, media,etc.

4. The relevance of LinkedIn for a job-seeker ; how LinkedIn and Resume co-exist

5. How KickResume works, and how candidates improve their chances of getting a job in record time.


Peter has been kind enough to provide us a promo code for the listeners of this episode. Use Promo Code careermetisfriends to get 30% off at


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