#50 - Career Expert Series - Reinventing Your Career with Caroline Dowd-Higgins

For Episode 50 of The CareerMetis Podcast, we will be hearing from Caroline Dowd-Higgins who shares us her insights about how to reinvent your career.

This interview is part of  the “Career Expert Series“.

Guest Introduction

Caroline Dowd-Higgins specializes in helping people with career reinvention. She is a career coach, published author and public speaker.

Starting out her career in music, Caroline performed as an  opera singer until deciding that the artist path was not for her, she shifted her focus and began helping others in the realm of career development.

Her first and second edition books are titled “This Is Not The Career I Ordered” and explore the ideas of career reinvention and development.

Episode Summary

1. Caroline shares her interesting start and an unexpected shift tat happened to her career path.

2. She shares some warning signs that may signify that someone is ready for a career change.

3. Caroline discusses values, how they align with careers and how they change.

4. Caroline discusses her 3-step process called Keep-Stop-Start that helps people clarify what type of job or career to choose next.

5. Caroline shares a method of identifying what’s important to someone who is thinking of switching careers.

6. We discuss how almost everyone experiences self-doubt and the imposter syndrome during their career.

7. She talks about changes in job searching and career development, as well as where technology plays a crucial part.

8. Caroline talks about transferable experiences and skills, and the difference they make in a career shift.


“It’s very rare that a single person has one career throughout their lifetime.”

“You can reinvent, you can transform your career when you really focus on those transferable skills and experiences.”

“If by Sunday afternoon you’re dreading going back to work on Monday Morning, that’s a pretty good sign that you might not be in a good fit”

“Values are the biggest predictor of career satisfaction”

“Don’t look for the unicorn, because they’re hard to find.”

“The bottom line is Prove It”

“It’s never too late or too early to change your mind.”


To learn more about Caroline-Dowd Higgins and for additional resources, you can visit her website

You can also connect with her or follow her on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube. Her international podcast show – Your Working Life, features guest experts sharing wisdom about life and career.

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