For This Episode of The Career Expert Series – we will be hearing from Vicki Aubin from The Rockin Career Coach.#25 - Career Expert Series - Vicki Aubin The Rockin Career Coach

Vicki Aubin – The Rockin Career Roach helps Career Revolutionaries unleash their inner Rockstar and re-invent themselves. Vicki Aubin is a Career Transition Coach and a Personal Branding consultant. She has multiple years of experience in the corporate world as a Corporate & Campus Recruiter – having worked for big Wall Street Firms. She nows helps job seekers with their personal career transition, and helping them find the career of their choice.

This interview is part of  the “Career Expert Series“.

Episode Summary

1. The Biggest Challenges Job Seekers face today is evaluating what their transferable skills are.

2. Lack of confidence is common among job seekers. Therefore, it is important to work on your belief system & mindset before you start the job search process.

3. In order to stand out among your competition – make sure that you cater your application (resume, cover letter,etc.) to the the job /company you are applying for. This is a proven way to avoid the proverbial Resume Black-hole.

4. Your resume has to be relevant to the job description, and what they are looking for.

5. Successful job seekers pay close attention to what is written in the job description. The Job Description is your best friend.

6. Resumes are the “what” in the process. It tells the employer what you have done in your previous roles.

7. Cover Letters are absolutely crucial. The cover letter helps you differentiate among other similar candidates. It makes the recruiter’s job easier by giving them a compelling reason to select you.

8. Cover Letters explain the who” and the “why” – it communicates who are you as a person. What are you applying for? What’s driving you?

9. The Recipe for the Perfect Cover Letter is described in length during the interview. Listen to Vicki Aubin breaking down paragraph-by-paragraph what should go in the cover letter.

10. The Interview is where it really happens. It is the area where you get a job offer or not. Go well prepared. Speak the language. Be ready for any potential questions that come up. Understand the role very clearly- what they are about. Know your motivations.

11. Your energy and enthusiasm during the job interview is crucial. Employers hire people not resumes. They want to see your personality shine during the interview.

Links and Resources

Bonus – Vicki also talks about the Post-Interview Black-hole. Why it happens? And what you can do after the interview.

To learn more & connect with Vicki Aubin – you can reach her through her website. Vicki can also be found on her Facebook Page and also through Twitter.

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