For this Episode of The Career Expert Serieswe will be hearing from Resume Expert Virginia Franco.#24 - Career Expert Series - Virginia Franco On Crafting Effective Resumes

Virginia Franco, NCRW, CPRW is a double-certified Executive Resume Writer and the owner of Virginia Franco Resumes . Her resumes are 100% customized for today’s readers and garner interviews in 60 days. Her LinkedIn profiles are amongst the Top 1% viewed.

Episode Summary

1. The Top Mistake made by candidates on their Resume/ LinkedIn – they do not include a compelling headline or a lead paragraph to entice the readers to continue reading.

2. Another mistake is that candidates don’t usually format the resumes for Online Reading. Most recruiters today read resumes and LinkedIn profiles on their web browsers and/or mobile devices.

3. Use the right font (Sans Serif/Arial/Tahoma) and the right formatting to make sure that the resume is more reader-friendly. Use the right amount of white space throughout the resume.

4. When a Cover Letter is requested – make sure to include that in your application.

5. Virginia Franco shares her 4-step formula on writing an effective Cover Letter.

6. Leverage the power of LinkedIn to uncover contacts and build your network. The stronger your network , higher the chances of landing an interview or job opportunity.

Links & Resources

To learn more about Virginia Franco – you can visit her website. She can also be found on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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