For Episode 78 of The CareerMetis Podcast, we will be hearing from Zak Slayback

This interview is part of  the “Career Expert Series“.

#78 - Career Expert Series - Zak Slayback

Guest Introduction – Zak Slayback

Zak Slayback is helps smart and ambitious people learn the skills for success that school never taught them.

He’s also a blogger, and author of The End of School, Reclaiming Education From The Classroom. He coached private clients up through their careers and created a lot of opportunities to walk people through the professional development process.

He felt that schools weren’t doing the best job educating people on professional development, and took matters into his own hands.

Episode Summary

1. He explains that a lot of young professionals have not been given the skills to take charge of their own career.

2. He describes some of the challenges that young professionals face in the workforce. Things like a limited network, a lack of training surrounding networking, as well as a lack of introspection into what they would enjoy are just a few things he feels are holding people back.

3. Zak also shares some tips on how to go about building a solid network. He delves into the concept of opportunity cost, and why it’s crucial to figure out which activities you enjoy in order to offer them to people who would find it valuable.

4. Zak gives an example of how a new social media marketer would go about building a solid network, social proof, and a marketing portfolio in order to create opportunities. He shows the process and explains why he would go about it that way.

5. He also shares where he feels the higher education industry is going, and what the value of a degree may be in the future.

6. He shares a story that paints an interesting picture about work experience and how it may impact the education field.


“Anxiety, stress and depression among people under 30 is at an all time high”

“People don’t know the right people”

“How do we teach people to find they things they would enjoy?”

“Don’t go to networking events”

“Having a pretty business card is not going to get you an opportunity”

“It’s much better to be strategic and have the right mindset”

Links & Resources

To learn more about Zak Slayback visit his website.

You can also connect with him on LinkedIn ,Medium or Twitter

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