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For Episode 91 of The CareerMetis Podcast, we will learn about: 

A Day in the Life of a Hospice Liaison from our guest Mia Albert.  

#91 - A Day in the Life of Hospice Liaison - Mia Albert

Episode Summary – Mia Albert

1. Mia does us a huge favor and explains what exactly a Hospice Liaison does. She shares insights on how it differs from marketing, and a surface view of what her job entails.

2. Mia began her career as a nurse and was shifted into the direction of hospice care after personal events led her to a calling. From patients bedsides, to building relationships within the community, she shares her career path with us

3. She highlights some of the key components of her job, and what a day to day can look like.

4. She also gives a few of her favorite parts of doing what she does. Relationships are a big part of it, and it’s often times a very fulfilling role.

5. Conversely, not a lot of people know about hospice care, and only 2% of physicians have experience with it, so there are a lot of challenges involved with the job as well, and Mia tells us her thoughts on them.

6. She tells us about the required certifications and degrees, as well as the various roles that can be achieved within hospice, from nursing, to leadership, to more executive roles.

7. She also leaves off with encouraging words about hospice care and the opportunities it proves both to employees, but to patients as well.


“I’m not technically selling anything, which is why we don’t use marketer”

“A big part of my job is educating”

“it’s a lot of talking, and relationship building and traveling throughout my day”

“We get to build some really strong bonds”

“there’s just not a lot of knowledge or understanding of what we do”

“You do not have to be a nurse to do this job”

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To learn more about Mia Albert, you can connect with her on  LinkedIn.

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