For Episode 79 of The CareerMetis Podcast, we will be continuing the Freelance Career Expert Series interviews.

Today we will be hearing and learning from Nathan Hirsch, Founder of Freeeup.

#79 – Freelance Career Expert Series : Nathan Hirsch from

Guest Introduction – Nathan Hirsch

Nathan Hirsch is the cofounder of a startup company called FreeeUp.

Freeeup gives business owners fast access to a hand picked network of professional freelancers in e-commerce, digital marketing web development and much more, who have already been vetted for skill, attitude and communication.

Nathan started off as a broke college student, and he always wanted to be a business owner.  He watched all of the struggle and success his mother went through in starting her business, and knew he could do it.

He started off selling textbooks in college, and eventually found his way to Amazon and was hooked. He began experimenting with selling different products, and failed multiple times. He decided to step out of his comfort zone and start selling baby products, and before he knew it: things took off.

He started hiring people, and experienced both good and bad workers during the hiring process.

He learned that a lot of businesses experience the same problem, and decided to create FreeeUp as an answer to that problem.

Episode Summary

1. Nathan shares some of the positive things that come as a result of being a freelancer as opposed to having a full time job.

2. He talks about the benefits of having multiple clients in terms of income security.

3. He also talks about the freedom freelancers experience as well as the ability to refine skills as well as learning new ones, instead of doing repetitive tasks and becoming complacent in the workplace.

4. He also explains that flexibility is another perk of being a freelancer, because you can play with the number of hours you work and clients you pick up in order to best suit you as a worker.

5. He talks about the fact that even though his workers are remote, he can still build a company culture with them, and provides an example to back up the statement. He also describes the process that can lead to repeat business if you build a strong relationship with your freelance worker, or your client.

6. Nathan gives us the inside scoop on which jobs and careers are growing within the FreeeUp community. He mentions skill sets like audio and video editing for podcasts and webinars, as well as marketing and being able to create content and run advertising campaigns.

7. He also talks about where a lot of freelancers go wrong in that they continue to see themselves as an employee, rather than a business.

8. Nathan shares the process involved with getting involved with FreeeUp, for both the freelancer, and the client side. He talks about the perks for both, and why they are having a lot of success, and how hands on his team is in making sure that everyone is having a great experience with the company.


“When I came across Amazon one day I became addicted. I became obsessed with it”

“I failed over and over”

“I was running a multi-million dollar baby product business out of my college dorm room as a 20 year old single college guy”

“It just takes forever to get through to find those really good workers in this sea of other freelancers.”

“You can minimize risk and increase your success by hiring remotely”

“I’ve seen people make over 6 figures freelancing and get out of that employee environment”

“You can build a company culture, even with remote workers”

“we have people who join the network, and within one week are swamped with work”

Links & Resources

To learn more about Nathan Hirsch and for additional resources, you can visit his company Freeeup.

You can also connect with him or follow him on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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