#43 - Freelance Career Expert Series : Robert McGuire from Nation1099 on the Gig Economy

Robert McGuire is a business owner from New Haven, Connecticut. He operates the McGuire Editorial Content Marketing Agency in which he helps B2B and SaaS companies create and implement effective content marketing strategies.

He also takes on the role of editor for the Online Gig Economy Forum Nation 1099, which helps solopreneurs find answers  to questions about their businesses.

Coming from a background in journalism, as well as marketing work for non-profit organizations which helped him see the evolution into the content marketing era. It was this type of work that eventually opened up a path to create his current content marketing agency and become involved in the “Gig Economy” 

Episode Summary 

1. Robert McGuire tells a little bit of his back story and how his previous work evolved into his current business.

2. He explains the term “gig economy” as he has come to understand it.

3. Robert talks about skills, and what types of people find success within the gig economy, and some of the statistics surrounding freelancing.

4. Robert discusses how Nation 1099 helps freelancers and gig economy workers to thrive and succeed.


“Content marketing is really where you’re giving away authentic and highly valuable information in order to attract people”.

“I think that I might be a frustrated publisher at heart”.

“What interests me the most are people with professional creative skills who are working at that level”.

“We’re unemployable and proud of it”.

“A third of the population is doing gig work”.

Links & Resources

To learn more about Robert McGuire you can visit his blog . You can also connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

To learn more about the Gig Economy, Freelancers should check out the amazing resources at Nation1099.

Robert’s team has also put together a bonus checklist for the listeners of this podcast and the blog audience. You can find the checklist here

#43 - Freelance Career Expert Series : Robert McGuire from Nation1099 on Understanding the Gig Economy

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