For Episode 114 of The CareerMetis Podcast, we will be hearing from a returning guest Robert McGuire.

This interview is part of  the “Freelance Career Expert Series“.

#114 - Freelance Career Expert Series - State of Freelancing with Robert McGuire |


Robert McGuire is a business owner from New Haven, Connecticut. He operates the McGuire Editorial Content Marketing Agency in which he helps B2B and SaaS companies create and implement effective content marketing strategies.

He also takes on the role of editor for the Online Gig Economy Forum Nation 1099, which helps solopreneurs find answers  to questions about their businesses.

Coming from a background in journalism, as well as marketing work for non-profit organizations which helped him see the evolution into the content marketing era. It was this type of work that eventually opened up a path to create his current content marketing agency and become involved in the “Gig Economy” 


1. Robert and his team at Nation1099 have recently been gathering and analyzing any and all data they can find relating to the freelance workforce.

2. The landscape of freelancing has changed quite a bit since the old euphemism of being between jobs. With more people choosing to freelance and remain freelancing as a career option, there have been some interesting facts coming to the surface about the people who do so.

3. After addressing the growth of the freelancing sector, and his thoughts on where the trend is going, Robert explains why employers are missing out on a huge percentage of talented workers. He also shares that freelancers aren’t happy with gig-matching services.

4. Robert also shares his suggestions on how a freelancer can be more successful.

5. Robert also discusses why freelancers tend to plateau in their earnings, and provides some examples of what gets over that obstacle.


  • “The full time freelance workforce in the US is growing 3x faster than the workforce over all”

  • “Out of all freelancers, the share of them who actively chose it is on the increase”

  • “Self employed, as a group, is bigger than any other employer in the US”

  • “Putting up job ads and job descriptions is like blowing a whistle that this population cannot hear”


To learn more about Robert McGuire you can visit his blog . You can also connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

To learn more about the Gig Economy, Freelancers should check out the amazing resources at Nation1099.

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