For Episode 103 of The CareerMetis Podcast, we will be hearing from Ben Walker , CEO of Transcription Outsourcing, LLC.

This interview is part of  the “Industry Expert Series“.

#103 - Industry Expert Series - Ben Walker on the Transcription Services Industry

Guest Introduction – Ben Walker

Ben Walker is the Founder and CEO of Transcription Outsourcing.

Ben started off in the mortgage industry and didn’t enjoy it.  After doing some research he realized that the medical industry was about to grow exponentially because of the aging baby boomer population.

Unable to get a job within medical devices and services, he entered into medical transcription.

After another shift in the market, Ben broke free from the company he was part owner of in outer to start Transcription Outsourcing and offer services to more industries.

Episode Summary

1.  Ben kicks off the interview by telling us a little bit about himself and how he got involved with transcription services. He started off in the mortgage industry and didn’t enjoy it.

2. Transcription services are crucial, and a lot of people overlook the importance of them because it happens behind the scenes.

3. Ben describes how detectives, doctors and so many others use transcription to draw up your charts, or record statements and interviews. He explains why accuracy is the most important element of what his business does.

4. Ben expands on what a transcriptionist does in their day to day in order to support the industry experts they serve. He uses an example of a surgeon who needs to stop operating and transfer their patient to a specialist, and what happens when he picks up the phone and delivers his account of what happens. From there a transcriptionist types it up in an official document that can be used by those who need to access it.

5. Attention to detail, and understanding context are massively important skills to have in order to be a transcriptionist. What’s being said in the financial industry differs greatly from what’s being said within the legal or medical industries.

6. Ben also explains where perfectionism gets into the equation for success in transcription.

7. Ben describes how someone would get their start in transcribing, and how the industry has changed from having physical locations to a primarily online service.

8. Ben shares how to obtain certification and where anyone can go to start their transcription career. He also notes that a lot transcriptionists work remotely from home.

9. Ben also brings us up to speed on how Transcription Outsourcing goes about selecting their personnel.

10. Ben talks about the industry in general, and how the demands of clientele are changing and growing rapidly, as well as which sectors are shrinking and shifting.

11. He also shares his take on AI (Artificial Intelligence), voice recognition and how technological advancement will impact his business and transcription in general.


“Being flexible and a willingness to learn and adapt is really helpful”.

“It provides variety every day, it’s not a routine thing for us”.

“It has to be 99% accurate so that things don’t go wrong”.

“It’s good to have another set of ears on it to make sure it’s accurate”.

“They’re almost all perfectionists, they don’t want things to slip by”.

“If they’re not going to follow directions from the beginning, they’re probably not going to follow them once they do start to work for us.”.

“You can’t predict what comes out of a person’s mouth”.

Links & Resources

To learn more about Ben Walker, you can visit  his company website.

You can also connected with Ben via LinkedIn and  Twitter .

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