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For Episode 102 of The CareerMetis Podcast, we will be hearing from Nancy Ganzekaufer who is a Business Coach for Interior Designers.

This interview is part of  the “Industry Expert Series“.

#102 - Industry Expert Series - Nancy Ganzekaufer on the Interior Design Industry

Guest Introduction – Nancy Ganzekaufer

Nancy Ganzekaufer specializes in Business Coaching for Interior Designers and Online Coaches.

Nancy is also a national board member of the Interior Design Society.

Episode Summary

1. Nancy starts off the interview sharing her journey from her time in the corporate world to today where she specializes in coaching & helping Interior Designers.

2. Nancy describes what the role of interior designer encompasses, and it’s much more than what initially meets the eye.

3. Nancy also talks about how to spot a potential interior designer early in life, and what hey are capable of.

4. Nancy explains some of the challenges that interior designers are facing today that weren’t necessarily an issue in the past, and also how to overcome them.

5. Nancy also weighs in on the importance of courses and education, and where it can fall short as well.

6. Nancy also discusses the growth within the Interior Design industry, and where people are finding success within it.

7. Nancy leaves things off with an excellent piece of advice to help you communicate with potential clients.


“An interior designer does so much more than what people actually understand”

“The industry is getting harder in some respects”

“It is always smart to investigate anyone you’re looking to hire”

“Marketing in this day and are are so different than it used to be”

“You don’t always have to have a degree or certification, as long as you have the desire to learn as much as you can about the industry”

“Get really clear and concise if you’re starting a business”

Links & Resources

To learn more about Nancy Ganzekaufer, you can visit her company website.

You can also connected with Nancy via LinkedIn Twitter , Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram.

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