For Episode 66 of The CareerMetis Podcast, we will be continuing the Leadership Expert Series; and we will be hearing from Leadership Coach and Consultant Karen Valencic

#66 – Leadership Expert Series : Karen Valencic

Guest Introduction – Karen Valencic

As an author, speaker, black belt and engineer, Karen Valencic’s passion is revealing the keys of conflict to leaders so they can fast track innovation and enhance performance.

Karen knows that the best ideas in business are all too often lost in the maze of poorly handled disagreements.

Therefore, the ability to innovate with conflict is an essential skill for leading edge businesses and people!

Episode Summary

1. Karen talks about her background in engineering, her interest in conflict and communication, as well as her experience within martial arts, and how they all tie together to form what she does within her career.

2. She explains what leadership means to her, and discusses what makes a solid leader, as well as what goes into being a great employee.

3. She talks about vision, energy and being of service to the members of your team in order to be an effective leader.

4. Karen talks about informal leadership, and the value that is found in being an informal leader, instead of needing the title to engage and show initiative.

5. She also explains mindset’s importance in leadership, and how her Spiral Impact method covers mindset and the various ways to solve conflicts and issues.

6. She talks about conflict and explains the dual nature of conflict: how it can be a helpful driving force toward change, or a destructive force.

7. She also talks about mastering conflict, and how it is the one skill that leaders can possess in order for them to properly handle any situation.


“Interpersonal communication had a huge impact on whether people really engaged and created together”

“Leadership is providing the vision and energy toward something”

“If you know about yourself and you know how to engage, you become an extremely valuable employee”

“What’s the solution here? I know there is a solution so how do I figure that out?”

“It’s how I begin my days that really dictates how my days go”

“There’s no movement unless there’s something people want that they don’t have”

“You can engage in a way the honors, or you can engage in a ways that destroys”

Links & Resources

To learn more about Karen Valencic and for additional resources, you can visit her site Spiral Impact.

You can also connect with her or follow her on Karen Valencic and Twitter.

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