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For This Episode of The Leadership Expert Serieswe will be learning about Whole Life Leadership from our guest Kristin Constable.

#29 – Leadership Expert Series – Kristin Constable on Whole Life Leadership

Kristin Constable is the Founder of Winning Defined by You. She is an ACC Leadership and Business Coach, Values Driven Learning and Development Specialist, and Team and Systems Coach.

Kristin works with organizations, entrepreneurs and business leaders to bring values driven leadership into their lives and into the companies they work in.

She has been coaching and in the field or learning and development for the past ten years and in this time has supported organizations build award winning coaching and leadership cultures that not only support the strength of the organizations but that support the growth and development of each individual within the organization.

Kristin’s passion is values driven leadership and coaching. She believes that when leaders are connected to, and operating from, their authentic leadership purpose their impact will transform not only their organizations but all areas of their lives, producing Whole Life Leadership wins.

Episode Summary

1. In the Whole Life Leadership concept, all the individuals are trained to be leaders, as opposed to traditional leadership/hierarchical models.

2. When individuals are trained in this model, it shifts the mindset and culture in organizations. It is imperative to teach/coach everyone with Leadership skills.

3. Teaching leadership skills to individuals has a holistic benefit , which means it translates into the individual’s life outside of their work/career.

4. In the interview, we also discuss about understanding one’s values, and how that impacts their respective work, and how it positively impacts the organization.

5. How more and more companies are embracing the importance of core values, and how it impacts their culture. The rise in purpose-driven and values-driven ethos, and how it is good for employees.

This quote below from John Quincy Adams summarizes the core concepts of Leadership.


To learn more about Kristin Constable’s work visit her website. She can also be reached on Twitter.

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