For this Episode of The Leadership Expert Serieswe will be hearing from Leadership Expert Mark C. Crowley.

#23 - Leadership Expert Series - Mark C. Crowley - Lead from the HeartEpisode Summary

1. Traditional Authoritative Leadership practices are not effective anymore. Studies have shown that feelings & emotions drive human behaviour. Instead of motivating people only by cash bonuses – leaders need to motivate people by using emotional currency.

2. Traditional models of Leadership are no more effective. In order to get more employee engagement, we need to change the way we look at leadership.

3. Is Leadership a trait you are born with ? The skill-set one needs to be a great leader, is not something all of us are born with. And that skill-set is the ability to care for others’ well-being. Only 3/10 leaders care about the well-being of others. That’s the common denominator to become a Great Leader.

4. Why traditional corporate promotions do not yield good management practices? Why most managers today are not effective leaders?

5. The best coaches watched how the game was played and made the teams cohesive and made them work together. Leaders always think about others and the benefit of the team, as opposed to being self-centered.

6. A recent Gallup study confirms that about two-thirds of the managers today, lack the ability to motivate and engage their people.

7. The mark a a Great Manager is How many people whose careers they have shaped and how many people they have helped grow.

8. Recognition is an important tool to help drive performance. Good leaders need to make recognition a key part of their job function.

9. Recognition drives performance. It fuels the human spirit – all human beings want to be recognized, appreciated and valued.

10. Why you need to be a Great Leader?

11. Leading with Heart. Dont’ worry about the bottomline or the shareholders. Care about your people. If your people are appreciated- then the customers and shareholders are automatically taken care of. Take care of your employees first.

12. Leadership comes down to one thing, ie. Love. The experience of positive emotions is what we human beings are wired to thrive on. Research shows that when you think of all the positive emotions – they all boil down to love. Love Your People.

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To learn more about Mark C. Crowley – check out his LinkedIn and Twitter.

Mark C. Crowley’s book – Lead from the Heart is now being taught in leadership, entrepreneurship and child development classes at Northern Arizona University, Embry-Riddle University and San Diego State University.

In 2016, it will be read by Organizational Psychology PhD candidates at Brandman University, a member of the Chapman University system. Lead From The Heart was also named one of the “10 Best Strategy Books To Beat The Competition” by the book editors at Small Business Trends.






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