For Episode 94 of The CareerMetis Podcast, we will be hearing from Michael O’Brien.

This interview is part of  the “Leadership Expert Series“.

#94 - Leadership Expert Series - Michael O'Brien

Guest Introduction – Michael O’Brien

In this episode of The CareerMetis Podast, Nissar welcomes Michael O’Brien to the show. Michael is a leadership coach with Peloton Coaching, and the author of Shift: Creating a Better Tomorrow. His mission is to help leaders to lead better.

Episode Summary

1.   Michael explains that leadership is about vision, and about taking people somewhere new, which often leads them outside of their comfort zone in order to innovate and break through the status quo.

2.  He also talks about the “Do, Have, Be” lifestyle and how people get caught up in it and deprive themselves of happiness.

3.  He shares the story of a freak accident that ultimately became his “last bad day”. He goes in depth about the flight to the hospital, and what was going through his mind during the time it took to get there. He made a commitment to himself that he would live his life differently has he survived, and although it went dark before he got better, his outlook on life greatly improved as a result of it.

4.  Michael goes into the importance of being present, and having regular gratitude practices that help us to exhibit positive emotions about our life, and the people, things and opportunities we have within it.

5. He stresses that self awareness is crucial to building emotional intelligence, and that a mentor can be a pivotal piece of someone’s development.


“Leadership matters so much”

“If I’m going to be the best I can possibly be, then I’m going to have to shift my mindset”

“When we’re in yesterday or we’re worried about tomorrow, we’re not here today”

“When we’re present we can focus in on the task at hand.

“If you change a life anywhere, you change lives everywhere”

Links & Resources

To learn more about Michael O’Brien, you can visit his company website. He can also be reached via LinkedIn or Twitter .

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