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#36 - Personal Branding Expert Series : Asa Leveaux on Authentic Personal Branding

This interview is part of  the “Personal Branding Expert Series“.

Asa Leveaux trains and develops aspiring entrepreneurs to help them create their very first $10,000 within their business.

His story consists of military service, working for large companies, and an accounting internship which not only gave him experience with corporate culture, but also helped him to develop an appreciation for it. 

Episode Summary

1. Asa Leveaux talks about what Branding means to him.

2. He also explains why he chose to be authentic in his branding style.

3. Asa discusses the benefits of publishing books and speaking.

4. Asa describes how to get started when adding branding to your core and business.

5. Asa talks about changing the narrative of pre-existing platforms such as social media to reflect your brand.

6. He also tells us why he brings a soccer ball to networking events.

7. Asa sheds light on the concept of Balance, and his risky new book title.

8. Asa leaves us with an inspiring and thought provoking concept about self awareness and self worth.


“Branding to me is the story that is remembered about you once someone comes into contact with you on one platform or another.”

“I desire individuals to have the information that will best serve them without any of my ego attached to it”

“If somebody out there is praying for something, they are praying for a particular solution, they are meditating day in and day out for a particular solution: what solution do you bring?”

“Being able to articulate what you do in a way that can be digested and a way the person listening can take action in one way or another will help you greatly”

“Your brand is not based on one thing”

“You don’t do things to color within the lines”

“Comparison is the thief of all joy”

“I don’t want  to be all things to all people all of the time. I’m going to stay present in the moment and maximize where I am”

“There is nothing like being able to look into the mirror, tell yourself that you love what you see and you mean it”


To learn more about Asa Leveaux visit his website. He can also be reached on LinkedIn or Twitter.

His business Genius Academy helps train and develop aspiring entrepreneurs to help them create their very first $10,000 within their business.  

His upcoming book Fuck Balance is releasing in a few week.

#36- Authentic Personal Branding with Asa Leveaux



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