#41 - Personal Branding Expert Series : Christine McAlister on a Life with Passion and Branding

Christine McAlister is a freedom strategist and an expert at turning tragedy into triumph.

Her company, Life with Passion helps high achieving motivated women use their unique gifts and challenges to create and lead passionate lives, doing work they love. 

This interview is part of  the “Personal Branding Expert Series“.

Episode Summary 

1. Christine shares some of her story and background and her reasons for doing all that she does, and explains how Life with Passion came to be.

2. She describes one of her fears surrounding her during the start up of Life with Passion and how she got beyond it.

3. Christine talks about authenticity and how it affects branding.

4. She discusses how to move beyond fear.

5. Christine talks about vulnerability and how it’s becoming important during the interview process and the working experience.

6. Christine gives some first steps on how to get started with personal branding.


“That was the things that inspired me to do this, and if I wasn’t talking about it then it was inauthentic”.

“I was hiding out in fear of judgment or criticism, which I think a lot of us do”.

“To make sure that how I’m putting myself out there is actually authentic to who I am”.

“It all comes down to having a big enough reason to do it”.

“Why do you want this? What is it going to allow you to do for your life?”.

“If that impression is positive, that goes so much farther than some numbers they write down ranking you”.

“If that’s the kind of commercial they’re putting out, that’s the experience you’re going to have when you walk in”.


To learn more about Christine McAlister you can visit her blog . You can follow her Facebook Page or on Twitter.  Christine also runs a Facebook Group for women  – Life with Passion Society


Christine has shared with us her gift for the audience. The Top 10 books she recommends for people to grow their incomes quickly.

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