For Episode 82  of The CareerMetis Podcast, we will be hearing from Christopher Wirth.

This interview is part of  the “Personal Branding Expert Series“.

#82 - Personal Branding Expert Series with Christopher Wirth

Episode Summary

1. Nissar asks Chris to share his story, where brand came from, and how it applies to what he does today. Chris explained that the brand came about as a result of the perfect quote at a time when he needed it, and that it eventually grew into a brand, and then a movement.

2. Nissar points out that typically a brand begins alongside a business, but in this particular instance, the brand came first, and the business after.

3. The guys talk about hosting their podcasts, and the aim of each. Christopher talks about how a piece of feedback opened his eyes to the largest possible impact of his show, and Nissar brings up the trap of staring at vanity metrics like downloads numbers, and how feedback and engagement has been so much more meaningful.

4. Receiving photos, texts, emails and letters is far more rewarding than numbers on a stats dashboard.

5. Chris also brings up how much work a podcast can be, and how he underestimated it at first.

6. He gets into detail about co-branding, and how much easier the podcast has made the entire process.

7. He describes what co-branding is, how it benefits both parties, and how it creates a positive impact to a much greater number of people than to go it alone.

8. Chris talks about a particular listener of his show, and the fact that this guy tunes in to every single episode, and set a goal to appear on the show this year.

9. He describes the feeling he got when he learned this information, and the positive ripple effect it created.

10. Finally, he leaves off with a few tips and ideas that listeners can use and implement to help them get results.


“There’s a difference of talking about it versus doing it.”

“Less negativity, more positivity”

“My show had an impact on his life, and he wanted to get on the show”

“Be very specific with your actions”

“You should focus on your must-haves before you focus on your wants”.

Links & Resources

To learn more about Christopher Wirth visit his website. He can also be reached by EmailFacebook , Twitter. or Instagram.

Chris also runs a successful podcast – No Quit Living Podcast, which I strongly recommend listening to. 

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