For Episode 76 of The CareerMetis Podcast,we are starting a new series called the Productivity Expert Series where we will learn from our guests on topics such as time management,productivity improvement,etc.

And our guest today is Liam Martin, Co-Founder of and

#76 - Productivity Expert Series - Liam Martin

Guest Introduction – Liam Martin

Liam Martin is the cofounder of as well as He initially intended to be a professor, or involved in academia in some capacity.

After some brutal honesty from a colleague, and a perfect economic storm, Liam found himself tutoring, and enjoying it. He expanded and started a company consisting of over 200 tutors.

He identified a key problem within the company that ultimately led to failure, but from that, Liam was able to see the value in, and shifted into developing it full time.

Episode Summary

1. Liam explains how Time Doctor works, and what it measures in order to analyze where you’re spending your time. He talks about efficiency and effectiveness, and how time spent around work doesn’t equal time spent working.

2. He also shares 2 ways to increase productivity.

3. He mentions the 8 hour work day, and how it’s actually less effective than a 5 hour work day.

4. He explains that it most likely won’t change, in spite of studies and reports that prove it’s lack of practicality.

5. Liam shares his perspective on productivity and why it’s a good idea to measure your day to day activities in order to improve your overall performance.

6. He describes the scenario that caused him to stop working Tuesday afternoons, and how it impacted his productivity in the best possible way.

7. He explains a fatal flaw that managers make when it comes to measuring their employees productivity, and gives a simple solution in order to solve it.

8. He also talks about sales, and how Time Doctor is able to predict a solid salesperson based on their habits during the day. He also shares the biggest time spends that are out there today. 


“I really liked teaching, but I didn’t like being an instructor.”

“If you’re going to start a tech start up, you must scratch your own itch”

“It’s like Google Analytics for your work day”

“Either spend less time at the office, or spend more time working”

“The 8 hour work day is an inefficient application of time”

“It’s a very exciting time for the realm of productivity”

“What doesn’t get measured does not get managed”


To learn more about Liam Martin’s work visit his website.

You can also connect with him on LinkedIn or Twitter or by Email.

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