For Episode 69 of The CareerMetis Podcast, we are introducing a new series of interviews geared towards Hiring Managers – i.e. Recruiting Expert Series

Today we will be hearing and learning from James Ellis, who is an Employment and Talent Brand Strategist. He’s also the host of The Talent Cast Podcast.

#69– Recruiting Expert Series : Employer Branding by James Ellis

Guest Introduction – James Ellis

James Ellis talks about employer branding, what it is, and who knows more about it than anyone else. He explains what factors into a person’s perception of an employer.

He also gives an awesome examples of bad branding, and clarifies what branding is, and how to be aligned with your core message in order to create the proper fit.

Episode Summary

1. James Ellis talks about the competition in employer branding, and how crucial it is to build a strong one.

2. He explains a few great examples of employer branding, and how it impacts the mentality of the job seeker.

3. James describes how negative reactions deter people outside of your target audience, while positive reactions attract ideal applicants.

4. James reinforces the strength of polarizing your employer brand, and why it’s not a good idea to stay what every other company is saying.

5. People know what marketing looks like, and can negate a lot of what you say on your hiring material: He talks about ways to improve that experience for your potential applicants.

6. He explains why it’s so vital to explain exactly who you are, and what you value in order to attract the right people. The good, the bad and the ugly.

7. He describes every phase in which you need to inject your values and ideals in order to get the perfect fit.

8. James wraps up by giving a strong description of employer branding and it’s time to get serious about it.


“The people who have the best understanding of your employer brand is the employees themselves.”

“It’s really about perception”

“The problem is the talent is not attracted to your brand”

“It’s not a lack of talent, it’s just hard to find and create that fit”

“Companies that don’t have a strong employer brand have to lean on their salaries”

“Any employer brand, no matter how negative to you, is positive to someone else”

“An employer brand has to be strongly felt”

Links & Resources

To learn more about James Ellis and for additional resources, you can visit his site The Talent Cast, and listen to the The Talent Cast Podcast .

You can also connect with him or follow him on James Ellis and Twitter

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