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For Episode 101 of The CareerMetis Podcast, we will be hearing from Liran Kotzer, Founder and CEO of Woo.io

This interview is part of  the “Recruiting Expert Series“.

#101 - Recruiting Expert Series - Liran Kotzer from Woo.io

Guest Introduction – Liran Kotzer

Woo.io is an artificial intelligence startup that connects experienced techies who are discreetly exploring new opportunities to companies with the right job for them.

Liran Kotzer is the Founder & CEO of Woo.io.

Episode Summary

1. Liran starts off the interview talking about his journey on starting the company, his past experiences, etc.

2. Liran brings up the challenges that most job seekers face. First it is challenging and time-consuming. Second – the job boards are not efficient. The mission of the company (Woo.io) is to facilitate the job process and reduce the risk in how they search for jobs.

3. According to LinkedIn Annual Talent Trend Report – 60% of current employees are open to search for better jobs, but are not doing anything about it.

4. Liran also shares the challenges that employers or hiring managers face. In many cases, only 3% of the applicants are qualified (Most hiring managers waste lots of time screening through the other 97% irrelevant candidates).

5. On average it takes 27 hours of screening resumes/CVs to fill one position.  Most hiring managers are open to adopting new ideas and technologies to  screen and hire candidates.

6. Woo.io reduces the challenges that candidates face when looking for new jobs. It helps them identify their market value, and also shows the candidates navigate the job market. Everything a candidate wants to explore – Woo.io helps provide all the information.

7. Woo.io only shows the opportunities that that a candidate is qualified for, and also the companies that can match the compensation they are looking for. As of today, Woo.io has more than 50000 Engineers registered on San Francisco and New York.


“We are thinking and wanting to do things to make our lives better, but most of the time we just don’t do it”

“You have to give up your security to become a job seeker”

“60% of the current employees, that have jobs, are ready to consider a better job for them”

“The core problem is basically the inefficiency of the market”

“It takes 27 hours of screening candidates in order to make 1 hire”

“Candidates today don’t know their market value”

“Never be comfortably numb”

Links & Resources

To learn more about Liran Kotzer, you can visit his company website. He can also be reached via LinkedIn or Twitter .

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