Post-College Must-Dos to Map out Your Life and Get Your Dream Job

Life after college is seldom planned. Students get too caught up with their thesis papers, project deadlines, and parties that they fail to actually consider life after they leave their beloved campus. After being handed their diplomas, most fresh grads have no clue as to what they should be doing next.

If you are serious about success, knowing what to do post-college is a must, and building the foundation early on can give you the advantage against the saturated job market.

1. Travel

It may sound counterproductive to what you want to achieve, but traveling can unlock opportunities for self-discovery and growth. Experiencing new things, meeting new people, and trying out new activities can give you a clearer sense of what you really want to pursue for the next 10 or 20 years.

Backpacking to different countries can be expensive, though. You can either raise funds through family members and friends or get a job that has a flexible schedule.

2. Keep Your College Connections Close

Connections come in handy when looking for your dream job. You can afford to be picky when a steady stream of job offers are passing through your email. Many fresh grads, however, make the mistake of leaving everything behind and starting anew.

This wastes dozens of potential connections that could refer you to top companies. In addition to classmates and dorm buddies, you’d also benefit from keeping a good standing relationship with professors.

3. Keep Practicing Your Art

Whether you’ve decided to take a gap year before entering the job force or is just plain clueless as to what you want to do after college, keep practicing your art. Review class notes, read books, and meet up with like-minded individuals and organizations.

Failure to use the knowledge and skill set you’ve been taught in college can cause you to lose them.

Not only that, but you should understand that how things are done in your career field will change overtime. This makes it necessary to continue your education through studying updated information or, even, going back to school.

For example, you could get your degree in organizational development or any other major online while you’re working. Doing something like that will propel you ahead and make it easier for you to obtain the career advancements that you will want to seek later on.

4. Take Risks

Post-college is the perfect time of your life to take risks. You probably don’t have children yet or mortgages to pay off, but you do have the diploma that can open up doors to many career opportunities. Having said this, you should only take calculated risks.

Blindly jumping into every opportunity that presents itself can cause you to stray from the career path that you are actually interested in.

The post-college phase of life is your first test into the real world as an adult. Careful planning and following the four tips listed above should give you a steady footing within these murky waters.

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Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.

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