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For decades, the normal work experience has involved commuting back and forth to the workplace, dealing with unpleasant work relationships with your co-workers, having your boss hover over your shoulder and more. You may be able to clearly relate to this stressful experience that rules most of your waking hours each day, and you may often find yourself thinking that this is no way to live your life.

Remote working or telecommuting has become commonplace thanks to numerous technological advances and many already enjoy this alternative work experience on a regular basis. If you have not yet seriously considered remote working as an option, consider how it can benefit your life in these critical ways. 

1. Eliminating the Commute from Your Life

If you are like most people, you may have spent a portion of your time commuting back and forth to work thinking about how much time is wasted doing so. You may have even estimated the cost of your commute.

The reality is that your office can be anywhere you set your laptop down. It does not need to be in your dedicated work space in an office far from home. When you eliminate your commute from your life, you can sit down to work in the comfort of your own home.

You can start your workday earlier and feel more relaxed. You can enjoy the quiet solitude of your home while you work without having to deal with crowded and noisy work conditions. Ultimately, you may be far more productive, save time and money as well as be more eco-friendly by staying off the roads. 

2. Saving Your Company Money

Eliminating the commute from your daily life may save you several hundred dollars in gas and vehicle wear and tear each month. In addition, you can enjoy all of your meals at home, so you will not have to eat expensive and unhealthy restaurant meals.

However, you are not the only one to gain financially through a remote work experience. Your company can also save money. For example, office space can be minimized, saving the company money on rent, maintenance and energy costs. In addition, they will save money on less office supplies and equipment. Commonly, remote workers work on their own devices.

Workers may be paid an hourly rate, so the company will not pay to have inter-office chats and gossiping take place. In addition, online training options may be used, eliminating the need for workers to travel for training or for companies to host on-site trainers to visit the office. 

3. Increasing Productivity

When you work in an office, you are inevitably distracted by noises, managers pulling you away for unscheduled meetings, chats with co-workers and more. These are not concerns when you work from home.

Approximately 93 percent of workers who work from home state that they are more productive than when working in an office environment. Companies can install project management software on remote machines to confirm productivity and prevent slacking. In many cases, illnesses that may cause workers in an office environment to call in sick may not be a concern when individuals work at home.

You may find that workers use less sick time, and they are available to work longer hours because they do not have a lengthy commute. 4

4. Working in an Ideal Environment

In an office environment, you do not get to choose your desk, chair or even air temperature and lighting conditions. These are all factors that can impact your happiness and productivity alike.

When you work from home, on the other hand, you can work on a couch or a comfortable chair, have your coffee sitting next to you and even turn on a TV or some mood music and light some candles to relax during breaks. Air temperature is perfectly controlled according to your specifications and the décor is based on your personal taste.

Spending long hours in front of your computer will cause a strain on your back, neck and eyes, but no one will judge you if you take 5-10 minutes in this soothing atmosphere to do some yoga or meditation in order to release tension and improve productivity. Just remember to keep safe and not forget about your work.

5. Working in a Less Stressed State

Stress is a normal part of life and it can be difficult to imagine the relief you may feel as a remote worker. Picture being able to sleep a little longer and still hop on the computer on time. Balancing work and family activities is a lot easier and there’s less stress knowing that you are home when the kids are back from school.

Wardrobe, hair and makeup choices are much more simple and leave more time for more important tasks. Productivity in remote working settings also has to do with less interruptions, so employees feel more relaxed throughout the day. Some are even able to sneak in a load of clothes or dishes during work breaks, which decreases home-related stress as well. 

6. Traveling Is Easier

Taking a vacation is often rather stressful in a work environment. You may have to plan for several long days or more for others to cover your activities while you are gone, and you may have to work extra hard when you get back to catch up. When you work remotely, however, you are used to working away from the office, and you may be able to take your work with you on vacation.

While you may not want to work through your whole vacation, you can log on every few hours or once a day to check in and stay up to date. This reduces stress caused by the amount of work load that needs to be done when you return and you feel more relaxed knowing you do not have to worry about potential crises when you check in. 

Technology is now available that allows both workers and employees to take advantage of remote working. As new technology is introduced, the benefits of remote working may be further enhanced. If you have not yet considered remote working, take time to analyze the option thoroughly for your position, and present the option to your employer. 

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Sandra Moncada is a cycling enthusiast, who frequently escapes to hang out with her literary and movie heroes. She is vitamin D's biggest fan, who is passionate about meditation, pilates and beating stress. When she's not floating in the ocean or her outdoor pool, she loves to write about lifestyle improvements, self-development and stress-relief methods. You can connect with her on Twitter Facebook or Google+

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