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6 Reasons Why A Freelance Career Is Not for You | CareerMetis.com

Working freelance is a dream job for many people. You don’t have to dress up to go to the office, you can work from any part of the world, and in most cases, you are allowed to choose working hours, a luxury office workers are not blessed with.

However, it is the Freelance Career that is very demanding. Working in an office, you get a chance to learn from your colleagues and use their help once you get stuck with some tasks. But when you are doing a freelance job, you have to grow and develop all the time without a constant reminder about it from your employer. You either work hard to improve, or you are no longer a leading employee on the job market.

You probably know many reasons why you should aim to start a freelance career. However, there are reasons why some of you should not, as the freelance career is not for everyone, and we will show you what we mean.

In this article, we will explain to you why there is no need for you to invest time, money and effort in this type of a career. Here are 6 Reasons why a Freelance Career is not for you.

1) You are not Organized

You should not invest in your freelance career if you lack self-organization. Being a freelancer is all about being able to work without a need of being reminded what and when should be done.

Have a quick look at your life:
  • How often do you come late to work?
  • Do you miss deadlines?
  • Is it difficult for you to stay away from distractions like social networks, favorite books or talks with your colleagues in an office kitchen and stay focused on important tasks?
  • Do you feel a need to go for a long walk instead of staying at your desk and working?

If so, then freelance work is something you should not consider as your career. It will put too much pressure on you, and not being able to self-organize you will soon burn out. So stay away from this kind of employment if you can associate yourself with the things mentioned above.

2) You Do Not Enjoy Working Alone

We also do not recommend starting a freelance career if you like being among people all the time. If you prefer meeting in person with someone to solve important questions or if you hate talking on the phone or communicating with the help of technical assistance or apps, then you should better work in the office.

Working freelance often means that you will have to communicate through social networks or some special corporate messengers. If this is not a kind of communication you are good at, then you should not waste your time trying to get into the freelance job market.

3) You Prefer Fixed Schedules

Keep in mind that working freelance often means that you should be available 24/7. Your employer might be living in a different part of the globe, which means that you will have to work during his working hours.

Or in case you agreed that you would work during the working hours in your country, management might still be willing to call and clarify things with you at the time that is not comfortable for you.

So if you are not willing to “share” your evenings or early morning hours with your colleagues or management of the company you work for, then probably freelance is not for you.

4) You Prefer Job Security

This kind of employment is also not suitable for people who like stability. You will have to be very flexible to work as a freelancer, as, talking from personal experience, there will be many cases when deadlines are moved, tasks are changed, and you have to deal with it right away.

The problem is that when you work remotely, your clients or management might not get the big picture of how much time you need for certain things and how each of them should be done.

Therefore, deadlines are being moved closer, and responsibilities might be growing very quickly. So if you are not a very flexible person, do not choose this path.

5) You have low-Risk Tolerance

6 Reasons Why A Freelance Career Is Not for You | CareerMetis.com

Another factor you should take into account is that being a freelance worker, especially the one who works directly with clients, means facing risks all the time.

By “risks” I understand the probability that there might be unfair or trouble customers that will use all the power and all the reasons that can come up with not to pay you or pay less. Others will take ages to send you the money for the work you have done for them. It will take time till you understand how to distinguish customers and only work with the ones that will not bring you troubles; until that time you will have to pay the price for gaining valuable experience.

Sometimes that price is being fooled or deceived. Therefore, if you are not experienced in this area, then probably you should think twice before rushing into freelance.

6) You don’t want to Invest in your Career

Finally, to be a freelance worker, you need to be able to invest in your career all the time. When you work in the office, a company you are working for is interested in developing its employees. That is why courses are organized, and the staff is invited to take up a challenge or run a contest or take in-house training.

However, as you work remotely, you will need to do all this by yourself. You will have to develop personally and professionally, but this growth would be something you should do on your initiative.

If this does not sound like something you are likely to do, then consider working in an office with lots of factors that will motivate you and inspire rather than working remotely and losing qualifications.

These are a few of the reasons you should take into consideration before choosing a freelance career.

See if you have essential qualities for a freelance worker before you decided to start working this way. It is a great experience, but it is not for everyone.

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