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Outsourcing has grown in popularity over the preceding years, but what exactly does it mean? Simply put, outsourcing is hiring outside firms to carry out certain tasks for your business. These could be business-critical tasks such as conducting DBS background checks on candidates during recruitment, taking care of the company payroll or accounting, and services such as IT support or content creation.

In the growing outsourcing boom, we find ourselves in, there aren’t many business needs that can’t be outsourced these days. Whilst there are many pros to outsourcing, you need to find what makes the most sense for your business personally. Only you will be able to successfully assess where outsourcing will be most effective for you. 

Look at those areas that are time-consuming for you or your staff  they could easily be transferred to someone outside of your business without having an effect on the running of your company. 

Outsourcing is definitely a clever way to cut costs and streamline your processes. In the current COVID19 climate, outsourcing services remain a smart way to help your business survive through the impact of Covid. 

This article specifically considers the top 15 reasons why you should outsource your DBS checks during COVID19:

1. Reducing Costs 

Currently, companies are paying extremely close attention to their bottom line, any unnecessary spending is being stripped back. Outsourcing is a great way of cutting any slack. 

For instance, when working with freelancers or contractors, outsourcing your DBS checks eradicates the overhead costs that come with permanent employees. Reducing costs is often the main reason for companies deciding to outsource certain tasks.

You can pay the outsourced firm directly for the work they complete but aren’t tied to using them if work reduces, or you need to further cut costs to help your business get through the coronavirus crisis. It allows you to successfully meet the demand and pull back if it lessens. 

For example, you may need to carry out many more DBS checks at the start of a school year, or when a particular hiring window has come to a close, but the need for this service may not be year-round. In outsourcing it, you can eradicate these costs when the service isn’t needed.

There are also more hidden costs that are reduced when outsourcing. The less permanent staff you have means fewer people that you have to provide with a computer or laptop. You don’t need to maintain IT for them, and if your staff is working from the office, you don’t need to spend as much on electricity as there are fewer people using it. Whilst these costs may not initially seem like much, they add up and this is taken out of the equation when outsourcing.

2. Stream-Line the Repetitive Tasks

Any successful business owner knows that they cannot do everything themselves. They must focus on what their strengths and priorities are, whilst delegating other tasks. Outsourcing is a form of effective delegation. 

DBS checks are vital in ensuring your employees have the relevant checks to work, but they are a repetitive and mundane task. Outsourcing these vital DBS checks ensures that this admin-heavy job is taken care of, which doesn’t eat into yours or your employees’ time. Using a company you trust to take care of essential business tasks gives you confidence that the nuts and bolts of your operation are being taken care of.

3. It Frees up Your Time to Focus on Other Areas of Interest

Outsourcing DBS checks gives you the freedom to focus your time and energy on other important areas of interest. When not worrying about basic administrative tasks, you can concentrate on the best way of growing your business and generating more income. 

With businesses being tested to their limits and many customers less eager to part with their money, having time and space to think about new avenues of income is vitally important. 

Ensuring you’re not focusing on more routine tasks leaves space to think strategically about the long-term goals of your business. It will be the actions and innovation shown in these coming months that set businesses apart and keep many afloat whilst others go under.

4. Increase Productivity

By getting an outside company to do your DBS checks, you can increase productivity for your company two-fold. Firstly, as they are trained specifically in DBS checks, they will be much quicker in completing them. Therefore, they’ll get through that workload quicker than an in-house team who are doing it alongside other tasks and may not have done DBS checks before. 

Secondly, when you relieve your internal staff of the time-consuming task of DBS checks, they will not be distracted by completing them. This means they can fully focus on the other important tasks they have to complete, therefore increasing the productivity of your internal staff too. It frees up invaluable resources that can be used elsewhere for better business results.

Criminal Background Check-Background Checks-reduce risk

5. Protecting Your Employees 

Checking DBS forms and people’s identification documents requires face to face interaction. This becomes more difficult and dangerous with COVID19. Many of your employees will be working remotely and won’t feel safe traveling or interacting with strangers to carry out DBS checks. 

Outsourcing this task means you’re giving this over to trained professionals who have been briefed and companies that have thought in great detail about how to do this task successfully and safely, in line with COVID guidelines

By outsourcing this you’re protecting your employees by ensuring they don’t put themselves in danger by having to meet new colleagues for the DBS check process when they haven’t been fully prepared.

6. You Do Not Have to Train Your Workforce

Similarly, at a time when the majority of people are working remotely, it can be harder to train people not already adept at certain tasks. Your team may not possess the skills needed to carry out DBS checks. In order to teach them the skills under the current COVID work from home guidelines, you would have to train them online. 

The virtual training process doesn’t always make it easy to successfully train someone in the way you would be able to face to face. It can take up more time and potentially not be as effective. There may also be a cost attached to the training needed for your employees. 

Outsourcing the DBS checks to a company whose workforce is already trained will take that pressure away from you.

7. You Do Not Have to Hire New Staff

Likewise, outsourcing your DBS checks means that you do not need to invest time, effort, or money into hiring new members of permanent staff. If your current team is at capacity, and you need a new task force to carry out this work, that the hiring process can be time-consuming. 

You’ll have to write a job advert, advertise, shortlist candidates, and interview them before making your final decision. It then takes time for onboarding and training. Hiring for a new role requires quite an intensive time commitment. It also costs money for the business. All of this can be avoided by outsourcing the task to an outside ready-made team that already has all of the necessary skills. If the size of your team is the issue, outsourcing enables you to increase your manpower whilst not having to shoulder the high cost that comes with new hires.

8. Dedicated Dbs Checking Firms Will Know the Latest Rules

As with all policies, facts and guidance are currently changing rapidly from one day to the next. The DBS check process was updated in April with new temporary arrangements due to Covid. These include free of government charge checks and a fast-track barred list check service. These also include altered rules for the ID checking process, for example being able to use a passport that has expired in the last six months. 

Outsourcing checks to a DBS checking firm ensures the person dealing with it knows the most up to date information and differences to the normal process. This will speed up the checks being done and ensure there aren’t mistakes on the forms that hold up the process further.

9. Increasing the Efficiency of Time-Consuming Processes 

DBS checks can take a lot of time. You have to manually check all information is correct and inputted in the right way. There may be back and forth with the person you’re doing the check on, and checking the ID documents is also time-consuming. If there are any mistakes on the form it will be returned making additional work and slowing down the potential start date of a new employee. 

The time that outsourcing can save a small business is very valuable, allowing that time to be used more effectively in other parts of the business. Outsourcing this task increases the efficiency of that process and in turn, as previously mentioned,  increases the efficiency and work output internally.


10. Focus on Your Strengths

Removing unnecessary tasks from the workforce enables every person in your business to focus on their individual strengths. This will help them to do the best work they can do, whilst feeling supported and inspired, rather than bogged down with tasks that could sit outside of the company. This will give them a renewed sense of purpose and vigor in their work. 

When individuals are focusing on their strengths and working to the best of their ability, it means the business as a whole can focus on what it does best, leaving any tasks that sit outside of this to be diligently outsourced. Honing in on your business’ core competencies is a sure way to improve your service.

11. Faster Output

When you have a dedicated outsourced team delivering your DBS checks, you will receive a faster output. Internally, the team may have to attend meetings in the day which take them away from the tasks or have other important business to attend to. This may slow down the process of checks. 

However, when outsourced, you know that there is a team that is solely focused on completing the checks for your company. This will result in faster output, meaning more checks can take place in a shorter period of time.

12. Cheaper Labor

We now live in a globally connected world, internet access has greatly increased across various continents. This has made it possible, and common, to outsource tasks to companies in developing countries. 

Due to the lower cost of living in these countries, it means the cost of labor for these tasks is greatly reduced. This gives you access to the same quality of work at a cheaper cost. 

It is estimated that 300,000 positions are outsourced every year. The labor force in India and China is continuously growing, and other countries around the world are starting to have more outsourcing opportunities. These countries offer high-quality work at cheaper prices, which is a big reason why many companies are choosing to outsource certain tasks.

13. Pay For What You Need

The beauty of outsourcing is that you pay for what you need. You’ll only be paying for the output and work that you require. You can scale up and scale down the DBS checking operation with ease, and won’t be stuck paying overhead costs in times where the DBS checking need is low.

14. Flexibility

The flexibility that outsourcing provides is invaluable at this time. Outsourcing allows you to be adaptable to the fluctuating market changes, reducing the size and costs of your workforce at short notice if necessary, and ramping it back up without difficulty when the market picks up. 

In a COVID world, the pros of being able to do this have been proven the hard way, with many companies caught short due to their lack of flexibility in their operations. Using outsourcing ensures you have the necessary flexibility needed in these uncertain times.

15. Customer Satisfaction

Ultimately, when you outsource repetitive tasks you streamline your processes which provides more time to focus on how to make your customers happy. In your offering and communication to them, you’ll be able to give the best of yourself and produce higher quality products, services, and interactions. This will heighten customer satisfaction, building relationships with your customers at a time when it’s vital to keep hold of them. 

In conclusion, outsourcing DBS checks during COVID-19 reduces costs and frees up time to focus on ways of generating more income and improving the service for your customers. 

It serves to increase productivity and efficiency whilst providing the necessary flexibility to your workforce size and overhead costs. There are definite pros and cons of outsourcing, and considerations you’ll need to make before you decide to work with an outside company. 

But it cannot be denied that in this unstable landscape, it’s a great solution to streamline your processes and have your business operating as effectively as possible. 

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