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Applying for a job is a challenging feat, especially when your only weapon is your resume. How would you manage to outshine them with so many job seekers out there and get hired? It is where a strong personal brand comes in handy.

Personal branding provides you the opportunity to showcase your existing and possible clients your qualifications and caliber. Build an efficient brand and become convincing by frequently appearing and marketing your story to entice people to do business with you. In this article, you will also learn how you can create a credible brand.

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What is Personal Branding and Why is it Important?

Personal branding is the application of business people and their line of work as brands. It is an evolving mechanism of expanding and preserving the reputation and significance of a person, group, or organization. Some personal development practices center on personal growth. It denotes success as a sort of self-packaging. 

Self-packaging is the configuration of who you are as a whole. Self-presentation presentation is a practical, day by day opportunity to regularly and continuously build up what makes you outshine others.

Your personal brand promotes yourself. It is an essential collaboration of expertise, proficiency, and disposition that you want others to recognize. It tells all about you and the reaction that people get from your online stature. 

Personal Branding

5 Reasons Why Personal Branding is Important

Personal branding is an endeavor in your life where you consider an active role. You can take advantage of the many benefits of establishing your brand. It enables you to call upon yourself without the need to rely on others. Do not forget that brand is a significant part of your career. That is why you need to learn the importance of personal branding.

Below are the 5 reasons why personal branding is essential:

1. Indicates Good Reputation

A personal brand conveys the “why” in “what” of you. It means that these are the factors that stimulate and encourage people to succeed. Creating a personal brand makes you feel laid-back while working. Likewise, it builds honest and unfeigned schemes, which result in upkeeping trust. 

Most people are more assured when they know what you can do. When they are conscious of your capabilities, they will feel relaxed in letting you handle what they need. Handing out business cards is not going to be a problem if people put their trust in you.

2. Establishes Contacts

With personal branding, you can initiate connections in various specializations and fields of interest. There is no threshold to personal branding and can surpass the automated arena. Building your credibility will help you get more online presence and public appearances such as speaking events. You can start acquiring inexpensive business cards to work on potential leads and contacts.

3. Develops Trustworthiness

Personal branding helps you in constructing your image as an innovator and skilled in your area of specialty. Likewise, you will have recognition in your area of expertise. You are establishing a lifelong impression and self-reward for your uniqueness. You will soon realize that recognition, high regard, and credence go together with your name. 

People will distinguish you as an expert if you are more discoverable to their target group. A personal brand will sway you to the topmost particular industry where people prefer to look at your credibility.

4. Attain Confidence

You can attain confidence while setting up your brand at the same time. The assertiveness that you will have will come from your positive beginnings and competence that you can share with the public. You are lifting your self-confidence when you know that you have something valuable to offer. Personal branding that is nicely done will highlight your strength and provide direction on where to use it.

5. Securing Legitimacy

A personal brand emanates from purposefulness, expertise, objectives, and values. Those are the products of your search for achievement and intention. With personal branding, no individual should make a devised voice or bogus character that is not certainly him or her.

Branding makes you legitimate that helps you in accomplishing things in life without much difficulty. You can focus more on your work while emphasizing quality. At the same time, you can benefit from the competence that brings you fulfillment. 

The legitimacy that personal branding helps minimize your flaws and improves them. Additionally, personal branding helps develop credence while acquiring reliance, genuineness, and integrity. You must know that building your brand is crucial and valuable.  

personal branding

5 Advantages of Building a Personal Brand

Your personal brand is marketing yourself and your profession mastery. It signifies what you stand for apart from what you have accomplished, including what you can execute. Probably by now, you know what personal branding is and why it is crucial. 

Read below the 5 benefits you will get from building a personal brand.

1. More Online Visibility 

Online presence is a great way to make the public aware of your talent and skills. It is in your Consumers spend most of their time browsing or surfing the Internet. It is up to you how you want to become more approachable and collaborate with your online viewers.

When you are more visible online, the more you and your brand shine. You must make the most out of this opportunity to reorganize as you soak up. Moreover, you need to deviate from the kaleidoscopic world surrounding you. 

Learning how to adjust to how your audience evolves and what they wade into to help you become successful for a very long time. You have to go slow and be steady about your personal brand and what you have to provide. 

According to Earned Media founder Nick Brogden, a well-sculpted personal brand makes your advice more authentic. He added that you better support the advice provided to a client, saying that you wrote content for that and will share it with him (the client). It makes you respectable and possibly influences more people. 

2. Stand Out from the Rest

A personal brand is an imposing approach to display your prowess and familiarity regarding a specific subject or field. Let’s say you are more proficient than your colleague. However, when someone starts searching for both of your names, your colleague will stand out instead if he has a personal brand and online presence.

Developing your brand is your advantage to present the public with what you discern and why you learned it. Moreover, it helps stand out from the rest who may be contending for the same opportunities but has not established his personal brand yet.

Your personalized story should drive your business plans and objectives, which include language and tone. Making it incomparable lets you bolster your entitlement in your industry. 

Your foreboding and actions need consistency with what you uphold if you want to establish more trust with your audience. Relate with your customers personally and express yourself as more than just a brand.

3. Market Yourself as an Innovator

As an innovator, you are the steward of the information your audience wants to appreciate and familiarize themselves with. You know that you are on the right track when your target group identifies value in the information you need to divulge. 

4. Succeed and Achieve  your Goals

You can succeed and achieve your goals; however, it also requires the manifestation of a positive footprint on others, including drive business outcomes. It is not possible to secure personal branding just by commencing a jazzy website. Likewise, it is not like selling stylish and well-known products without finding your feet. 

Personal branding is about forging and selling your experience and ability to provide quality, unique information with direct perception. You can uplift your authenticity if you can deliberately and spontaneously persuade public perception and consumers. 

Hackpreneur Justin Wu noted that developing your brand empowers you to take charge of your action and story to communicate with the general public. 

He added that establishing a personal brand related to your business makes it possible for you to create a network based on your circumstances, procedures, and skills. It will help set you up, and your business as a dependable expert as you initially offer value before the sales. 

5. Become More Recognizable Both Online and In-Person

When we talk of personal branding, it is not just to help improve your online visibility. You will also become better-known in person. You can participate in some with-audience events to promote your business and to acquire new clients. Making yourself more recognizable can turn such events into an exquisite convincing machine.

Personal Branding

How Does One Create a Credible Brand?

Creating a credible brand requires you to identify what your brand stands for. Your core values are the essence of your entire communication ideas and are the gist of your brand. You may ask yourself a few questions like, “Why are you special?”.

You can include other questions, such as what keeps you motivated or what your passions are. Or you can have a set of questions to ask career advisors to have an idea on how to create a credible brand.

Answering those questions allows your personal brand to fall into place. After discovering your core values, it makes it easier for you to outline your personal mission statement. It will serve as your motivation and tone you down while continuously searching and endorsing yourself. 

An “illustrator,” “programmer,” or “VA.” is not sufficient as a personal brand because they are just job titles. Starting your authentic brand requires you to deliberate what you create every day with your work. 

Below are some of the effective ways to create a credible brand:

  1. Advertise your personal brand in social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and other platforms.
  2. Create a personal website, blog, or splash pages. 
  3. Ensure that your resume and cover letter shine and needs customization for each position.
  4. Expand your professional network by clocking into professional events and talking to previous and present colleagues to sell yourself and forge a professional identity.

5 Reasons Why Personal Branding is Important for Entrepreneurs

You must be an entrepreneur and have already created a brand for your business. But, have you considered creating your personal brand? 

Most people in business cloak themselves behind their companies. It is worth noting that consumers respond more to moguls, who impart their personal lives on social media. What happens afterward is its conversion to sales. Remember that building trust is the essential benefit of making a reliable personal brand. 

Reading about Richard Branson

Below are the 5 main reasons why personal branding is vital to entrepreneurs

1. Distinguish Products in Saturated Markets

When selling your product, you do not have to be a well-known celebrity to encourage people to buy what you sell. However, you need to create a website and generate content that reaches your target group. Consumer trust depends on personal brands that they recognize and keep up within a saturated market. 

Entrepreneur Seth Godin defines the brand in his blog as the combination of likely success, reflections, representations, and interactions. When all of these are all together, it helps in the consumer’s decision making, such as choosing a product or service over another. 

A great personal brand shapes these circumstances and narratives through the content they articulate on their platforms.  

2. Develops Integrity for Raising Capital

Investors indeed capitalize on people instead of ideas. The Investor’s Rule” cites it as a principle. Venture capitalists are more likely to put money in your company if you have made the dissemination of your personal brand. It is also necessary that you have built concrete trust with your audience. 

Moreover, it is a wise stake if you can demonstrate through your personal brand that you can market a product or service to your customers. This way, your company has greater chances to succeed. 

Additionally, having an appointment with leading investors is more attainable if they can identify either your name or personal brand by any means. They can find you either through your social media accounts or an important press presentation. 

Establishing your online presence is one of the importance of personal branding. If you have established a benevolence with them, you may be in for an investor’s meeting. 

3. 4Revolutionized Marketing 

Many people may not notice it, but the marketing condition has changed dramatically. It seems that large firms and corporations have developed a lack of trust. It is because the public has had enough of voracity and profiteering. 

Millennials change the way people think and are generally focused on securing a stable and profitable future. These adults learn to fend for themselves and start their careers as businessmen. They wanted to advocate a business for something and someone they can decently recommend. It is where personal branding plays an important role.

4. Unsettled Economy

Small businesses and startups are increasingly infiltrating the market. Most of them want the versatility of operating their businesses. Besides, they do not want to stick with corporate regulations and provisions.

Selling and labeling refer to being the primary and grabbing the opportunity before it is gone. It is paramount to create a personal brand before anyone does to have a larger share of the market pie. 

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, several department stores are trying hard to stay in business. At the same time, jobs vanish while job security is not so great. Being a business owner is not a career for everyone. 

Most will fail. However, those that are sure-footed in online branding will do well. When it becomes crowded, you will know the importance of personal branding. 

5. Utilizing the Capability of Visual Content

Most consumers hate it when they are continuously persuaded to buy something. Why is that? 

Consider yourself being in their shoes where you become badgered with different ads on every correspondence they have access to. These include radio, television, and the web itself. 

If you are repeatedly unveiled to the consistent worsening, you will learn how to handle it. You better want to become distinctive and appealing while enabling potential clients to see a photo of you or a video perhaps. A post with no visual content is like a smudge on their screen. 

Allow them to know you and speak with them as if they’re your friends. You can ask them questions or advice as people are fond of providing advice. 

5 Reasons Why Personal Branding is Important for Freelancers

As a freelancer, you charge a fee for the services you offer without expecting a single long-term client while the working relationship continues. This is a type of self-employment that enables an individual to work most convenient for him. 

Productive While Freelancing - Smooth Transition from A Freelance to Full-time Career - Choosing the Right Freelancer for Your Team - hiring freelancers abroad-Freelance

Here are 5 reasons why personal branding is essential in the world of freelancing

1. Working with Ideal Clients are Made Possible

Working with exemplary clients who seek services that best suit your specialization area allows you to grow competently. Like a physician who cannot deal with psychological or dental problems, you also cannot do all kinds of freelance projects. 

For instance, you need to be a software developer to create a software program or an exceptional blogger to write blog posts. 

Personal branding lets you highlight your skills between your possible clients, minimizing the need to handle insignificant projects.

2. Establish Professional Links

How would you initiate some honest working relationship? Simple. Employ your professional personality as a brand to help you establish professional links. Put your expertise and capabilities forward to captivate clients you want to assist to. 

Personal branding enables clients to understand you better and create an entirely new wave of credence to boost lifelong working relationships. 

3. Rise Above from the Crowd

There are many freelancers out there like you, which makes no difference. However, branding yourself as an SEO Content writer, developer, or programmer will put the spotlight on you in a crowd full of freelancers. 

Creating your personal brand makes you special and definite about your profession.

Personal branding is vital in your freelancing endeavor in upheaving your career. It makes your talents and detailed professional profile rise above the crowd. Additionally, it provides an advantage over other professionals who have not nailed it yet.   

4. Communicate Your Core Message

Comparing your service offerings with the services provided by other people in your industry may seem awkward. No one wants comparison because everyone has their skills and specializations. You want your customers to choose to work with you because you have that unique outlook and understandings. 

You must incorporate the value you uphold and the attitude you bring to your work. This is how your business becomes different from your competition. 

Communicate your perspective, including the tips and tricks you have acquired. Share it on your social media accounts and organize an audience who wants to hear about your point of view on the matter.

5. More Windows of Opportunities

You will realize that personal branding supports you in picking up more possibilities. It is not just about having noticed, standing out from the crowd, or getting welcomed to sharing your skills with possible clients. The best part is, you can ask for a higher fee for every service that you render. 

Since more work will come your way, you can be more choosy about the job. Rather than taking each work that will come your way, you can pick only the projects you want to devote yourself to. It is because you are not sure when will the next freelancing projects come. 

5 Reasons Why Personal Branding is Important for Job Seekers and Young Professionals

The main reason why job hunters look for a job is to get a job. 

On the other hand, employers want to make sure they make the right decision when hiring employees. Whether you are a newly-graduate or a professional who wants to land a job, you better consider making a personal brand. 

Job Search

The 5 reasons below will help you understand why personal branding is important for job seekers:

1. Revolutionizing Yourself as Top Grade Candidate

If currently you are using a well-known freelance project platform, it may already have a rating system. However, you are still contending with thousands of other job seekers or career professionals with the same rankings. Do you have any idea if your ideal clients have overlooked your name? 

Create your personal brand if you want to revolutionize yourself as first-rate and show your success. This way, you do not have to jump into a wagon of other job seekers who still wait for their profiles to become noticed. 

It means that you can write case studies and request satisfied clients for testimonials. Afterward, share these on your website, social media accounts, in your blogs, or as an email to your targeted clients. Have your accomplishments speak for you and entice possible clients regarding the benefits they can get upon hiring you. 

2. Charge a Little More

If you have a personal brand, you stand out from the rest and could charge a little more. If your potential clients hear great things about you, they will likely no longer negotiate with you to lower your rate. They are sure that they will get the kind of service they will pay for without any regrets. 

3. Personal Brand Develops Your Network

Business owners need to create a personal brand, but job seekers and career professionals as well. It is a great help to develop your network of professional connections. If you are actively advancing your brand, you are driving attention to yourself and your credentials. 

The additional attention directs to people asking questions about you and establishing connections with you. It allows you to have more likely contracts coming your way instead of always making the first introduction. 

4. Makes You Noteworthy

The content of your personal brand has so much to say about you. It answers one huge question that employers are anxious to know. That is, what makes you special among the rest of the job seekers?

Nothing can emphasize your skills and accomplishments the way your personal brand could. Standing out from the crowd is one of the biggest obstacles you need to get through. Your personal brand is your most potent weapon to land an interview and get that job you always dreamed about.  

5. Provide Employers What They are Looking For

Much of your personal brand stays online through your social media accounts, personal domain, or any other online content associated with you. Employers want to look for something about you when searching online for potential employees. Besides, it is less likely that they will not interview job seekers if they cannot find any information about them online. 

Moreover, your client should find positive information about you. So, there must be no offensive media pictures, hate speech, or profanity about your standing. Keeping an ambiguous and polished online presence enables you to meet the employers’ requirements and impress them with their online search.

6 Things to Consider When Building Your Personal Brand

Once you start a new business, it is enticing to creating a logo, choosing the matching colors and the mood board. Before doing anything else, it is necessary to incorporate the essence and the structure of your brand.

The best approach to build your brand is to start from bottom to top and to have a solid foundation.

Job Search - young women in the workplace

Below are the 6 critical things you need to consider when making your personal brand.

1. Devise Your Road Map

One of the most crucial but usually ignored factors in establishing a dynamic brand is expressing your goals. So, how do you create an impressive road map? Apart from being transparent, it must provide calculated directions and persuasion. 

When devising your road map, always dwell on your business goals, the advantage you want to deliver, which of those you wish to serve, and how you carry it out. 

Additionally, clarity is what people need outside your society to fathom and sufficiently brief for you and your employees to recall. 

2. Express Your Point of View

If your goal is the “what,” it means that your brand’s vision is the “why.” Your intuition is a future-focused statement of what will possibly happen after fulfilling your mission. Make sure that it is motivating and ambitious. 

A remarkable way to embark on the vision statement is by thinking about the absolute effect of the product or service you will offer. It is best to highlight the benefits of what you are offering your target audience. 

3. Determine Your Values

Your brand values are the stalwart of your firm. They will help manage your organization’s actions and motivate the workplace culture. It will also assist your team in making procuring and employing decisions and eventually affecting customer patriotism. It is natural for us to associate with people, products, services, and organizations that become part of our values.

Elaborate on what you symbolize and what you will never settle for. Regard the qualities and principles that have a straightforward, and significant impact on how you do business. As soon as you have identified your brand values, note them as statements that epitomize your industry’s utilization. 

Immediately after setting out the foundation, other elements will turn up easier for you, your team, and any outside partners, if any. 

4. Create an Intelligible Content

It is natural for us humans to have interests in many things, pursue new experiences, and acquire new skills. 

Sadly, most people see it as unprofessional or amateur. You may say it is unfair; however, you can safeguard your brand. To do so, you need to build a logical narrative that demonstrates exactly how your past plays a part in your present.

The basis is not to communicate your shift with respect to your interests but to centralize your previous experience’s value. You may even get recognition for learning different quality skills if you tell your story nicely.

5. Reestablish Yourself

After embracing your rebrand, securing new contracts is the workable part as it will take the “new” you at face value. 

A more significant number of people are not taking much notice of you. It means their thoughts are likely a few years outdated, and it is not their mistake. It is advisable to deliberately reeducate our friends and fellows because they will be your buyers, leads, or recommenders for new jobs.

Moreover, I think purposively “revealing.” Your involvement with projects must indicate your new pursuits and skills. One unique approach to establishing new contacts and evolve new skills. Another one is maximizing the opportunities inside your company. 

6. Show Your Worth Clearly

You can swiftly bring about your proficiency if you help people find a solution to their problem. You can also do something better than that, just like what Copyblogger founder Brian Clark did. He provides constant tips regarding the improvement of web content and acquires online followers.

Revealing the created content will enable possible clients or employers to try out your proposal before making a large commitment. 

Once you have shown your potential, nail down your rebrand by mingling with your specialization’s dominant organizations. The subsequent familiarity, networks, and reputation can pay considerable dividends.  What’s more, you need to be dependable and dedicated as you progress. 

10 Principles for Creating and Improving Your Personal Branding

Successful Female Executive

1. Get an Emphasis

Maintaining your message preoccupied for your target audience will make it much simpler to produce content throughout your personal brand and allow others to describe you. 

Klickly CEO and Founder Cooper Harris noted that several people become undirected in press and coverage, who considers being “whatever to everyone.” You have to choose your key message and go on with it. 

Manos Accelerator Partner and VP of Tech, Juan Felipe Campos, went additional step to emphasize on communities that he focuses on with his extensive clients. According to him, you need to keep consistent with your content and message to one field topic to become noteworthy between a targeted society. 

A more precise and more driven brand makes it easier for people to recall who you are. When the time comes, they will need a service like yours. You are the one they will remember.

2. Be Authentic

Genuineness and authenticity are some of the simple techniques to have an authentic personal brand. If you are profoundly experienced in one field, your credibility alone will help establish the brand you want.

Popular Demand Marketing Head and Millennial influencer Monica Lin convey that deceitful actions cannot deceive people. The more blatant a copycat brand is, the more the audience will denounce him or her. Lin’s personal brand developed a massive proliferation after collaborating with her target group more intentionally on Twitter. 

3. Create a Story

You have already missed half of your prospective audience when your personal brand is not sketching out. Nobody wants to hear you bragging your brand into the social media void. It would be best to create a story concerning your brand that can engage your audience. 

Skyword Chief Strategy Officer Allen Gannett explained that creating a genuine story is the most powerful personal branding technique of today. He is also the author of “The Creative Curve,” who regularly meets and converses with his audience in airports globally, which further develops his cordial and fascinating personal brand.

4. Be Consistent

When you are consistent, you also have a narrow focus. It means you are much more easily distinguished for a single topic if you persistently produce content and brand voice encompassing it.

ICF ACC director and millennial leadership coach Fyiona Yong points out that it is imperative to make sure that your personal brand’s promise remains persistent online or offline. 

She added that you have to show persistence throughout your correspondence, reputation, and manifestation. Never undervalue uncertainties no matter how small they are because it can disrupt your personal brand’s effectiveness. Yong works routinely with millennials in a corporate environment to help them portray their more sensible work goals.  

5. Expect Failure

As they always say, expect the unexpected. Every day is not a bed of roses, so expect failure now and then. It is not still you can get what you wanted. Besides, you will never learn things if you do not experience loss at some point in your life. 

Before Walt Disney became famous, he was fired from the Kansas City Star due to a “lack of imagination and have no good conceptualizations.” However, through the decades, Disney became a household name favorite for young and olds alike. 

Disney usually says that it is essential to have an excellent false step when you are young, and he learned so much from it. It is because it makes you relatively aware of what can transpire.

6. Build a Positive Impression

After developing your personal brand over a length of time, you have to establish it continually. You can either get others’ better and end your relationship unpleasantly OR confidently burgeon a society around your brand. Maintaining a positive impression and helping others will enable your brand to flourish at the end of the day. 

Remember that you are a brand, whether you like it or not. You forge your brand with each interactivity you make, pictures you post, comments you make, and blogs you publish, to name a few. Additionally, it is worth noting that your brand is not your website, your resume, business card, or social media profile.

7. Observe a Notable Example

People who are genuinely engaged in personal branding should start selling themselves, just like celebrities and influential people. This is according to Wonghaus Ventures CEO, Jason Wong. His unique brand went viral, such as ice cream in Japan and memes, to name a few. He earned the title “Meme King.”

He became successful by researching trends and well-known people on various social media platforms and adding spice. Take note throughout social media platforms and not just barely emphasizing on one of them. 

8. Maintain Your Personal Brand

Do not make it hard for yourself to build a brand by separating it from your personal life. It is best recommended that your true lifestyle synchronizes with your brand when building a personal brand to make them one and exact. 

It is not enough that you have a mission statement. What matters is how you make your mission come to life to get in touch with your customers. 

As an entrepreneur, you are the wandering, conversing, and existing embodiment of your brand. Ensure that every piece of information should harmonize with your brand message. 

9. Allow Others Speak About Your Story

Are you aware that “word of mouth” is the best PR and applies to personal brands as well? You need to encourage people to speak about your story. But how would you do it? 

Customer remarks are one of the most effective practices of publishing your story. Customers will face the problem, find a solution, and become successful. If they are content, they will be more than glad to promote it. Utilize these narratives on your website and marketing tools to support the brand story. 

A nice story is good to share where others can appreciate and partake in it. That is why it is crucial to make the information a part of who you are and your firm. Reach out with the power of the story. It does not matter what your profession or career is. The important thing is to provide your narrative and detailed presence. 

10. Initiate a Footprint

After establishing your brand with integrity and realm behind it and think about the footprint that you will leave behind, a personal brand is an ongoing project that continuously transforms and modifies.

Even the professionals who construct or improve the largest brands in the marketing industry understand that there are no hard-set guidelines for generating a personal brand. 

However, these general rules help provide initial steps if you are commencing a fresh brand or rebranding. Constructing an authentic personal brand will help you become recognized in your specialization and always find a job.

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