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Running a business in today’s digital world is quite challenging. However, every business has the goal to succeed and grow. Just because you sell quality products or offer the best services on the market, it doesn’t make you the most credible source of information.

Smart business owners know that the most persuasive sales don’t come from self-promotion or marketing campaigns. It comes from a satisfied customer.

Customer testimonials are considered the most important form of word-of-mouth marketing as it depicts a positive perspective of your business. It also makes engrossing reasoning as to why a customer should choose your business over others.

So What’s a Video Testimonial?

Video testimonials are recorded statements of genuinely satisfied customers. They are audio-visual and are considered far more effective than text testimonials. A lot of people refer to such video testimonials before making their buying decision as they believe in the statements of their peers who’ve already made that purchase.

Thus, video testimonials have the power to turn a potential customer’s buying decision in your favour.

Why Video Testimonials Are Considered More Effective?

There are various methods used to promote a business’s brand, product or service. But digital marketers have realized that nothing can enhance the brand or improve the sales volume like that of the voice of a happy customer.

Video testimonials are considered the most powerful marketing tool to strengthen your brand game and is a great way to proactively manage your business’ online reputation. Here are a few reasons that could prove why video testimonials are a worthy investment for your business.

Recording a Video Interview

1. Enhance Brand Image

One of the greatest advantages of using video testimonials is that they help you enhance your brand image.

When your prospective customers watch their peers sharing real stories of buying your product, they believe in your brand and become more willing to purchase from you.

Unlike text testimonials which are hard to believe, video testimonials prove the value of your product or service and make the customers feel much more human and real.

2. Establish Trust

Before making any purchase buyers need to know whether the business or product is trustworthy and credible.

Consumers are more likely to trust your brand when they see real people vouching for your business or product in front of social media.

Video testimonials go past the scepticism and build trust immediately.

3. Emotional Connection

A medical study has proved that most people make decisions based on emotions and not on logic.

Video testimonials can help you connect with your prospects on an emotional level. When a potential customer sees the expression on the face of the satisfied customer and hears their happy voice, it immediately makes them trust your brand.

Thus, your audience remembers you not because of your product or service, but how you made them feel.

Digital Camera-Video Testimonials

4. Increased Conversion

The ultimate goal of any marketing method is to increase the conversion rate and video testimonials are great at improving the conversion rate.

As video testimonials are built based on the experience of someone other than yourself, it seems to be more convincing for the potential customers, which drives traffic to your site, increases shares, and eventually converts your prospects into buyers.

5. Creates Authenticity

As already stated video testimonials create instant trust among the visitors as you’re showcasing a real customer instead of just mere words in text testimonials.

When your existing customers describe their positive experience with your product or service, it makes your brand more transparent and creates authenticity.

6. Humanizes the Brand

Most customers feel that online businesses lack human-to-human interaction like in an in-store.

But video testimonials exhibit the feeling of your existing customer about your product or service and bring in the human factor for your business.

Video testimonials act as a face for your business, ensuring personal interaction and help the customer get an in-store experience.

7. The Most Powerful, Inexpensive Marketing Tool

There are very few marketing tools that are more powerful but costs too little. And video testimonial is one such marketing tool. Instead of hiring a video production company, video testimonials can be created using simple video creation tools downloaded from the play store on your smartphone.

You can also use your smartphone to film high-quality video testimonials of your customers.

8. Less Competition

Most of your competitors would have not started using video testimonials up until now. This can give you an edge over your competition and stand ahead of your competitors.

When you surpass the competition, it can improve your conversion rate to a great extent and grow your business remarkably.

9. Social Proof

People are more likely to make a purchasing decision based on their peer’s decisions.

When people already trust your brand it can instil trust in your prospective customers. Thus, positive reviews recorded in a video testimonial can encourage more purchases.

Recording a Video Interview-Video Testimonials

10. Lures Attraction with a Good Story

Video testimonials are nothing but real stories of your customers, wherein your buyer had a problem or want and your business gave them the perfect solution.

Each video testimonial depicts unique stories of how your business helped your customers solve their problems. Scientists have proved that stories can get into human brains in a unique way that can connect with them emotionally. This is the main reason why video testimonials are considered more powerful.

11. Makes Your Customer Act as Your Brand Advocates

When a customer shares their positive experience with your brand, they become your brand advocates. Their video can promulgate your brand in the best possible way which increases exposure.

The Bottom Line

There is no better way than your existing customers to promote your products or services.

Video testimonials help in building trust and connection with your customers in an inexpensive way.

Through them, you can promote your business more interestingly and engagingly. Thus, it is considered the most powerful way of promoting your business.

Make a worthwhile investment now, which can give you returns in the long run for your business.


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Aleksi Halsas, CMO at Trustmary offers a customer and employee testimonials that create appealing content to engage the readers all around the world. To boost the marketing and sales with high-quality video testimonials is the author’s keen desire.

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