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In a world where high-demand is a common ingredient in daily life and working performance is expected to be top-notch, many people are suffering from the struggles of keeping a balanced working life with their personal time, thus, in many cases, leading to serious health issues for not taking into account the amount of stress we put in our lives.

Regardless of what people may think of what is healthy or not for a working environment, 5 crucial factors can be killing your overall performance, and we are going to cover them in detail in this article.

1) Not Sleeping Enough

While many of you can relate to the scenario in which not sleeping seems like the solution for meeting up with a huge workload, actually is the very first cause of why so many works are being held behind.

Studies show that people that sleep less than 6 hours a day are prone to suffer from cardiac illnesses, anxiety, depression, diabetes, not to mention chances of becoming an overweight person are twice what could be expected for an average person.

The reason for these elements to occur is related to our metabolism, which is severely affected by switching shifts or reducing the sleep time needed per day. Alterations in metabolism due to poor sleeping can be acknowledged in less than a week of sustained habit, requiring in some cases professional help to counter side effects like gastritis, insomnia or anxiety attacks.

2) Lack of a Proper Schedule

And behind the lack of adequate sleep time comes the sole reason why people are constantly delayed with work: they simply don’t build up a schedule.

With milestones to meet, reunions to attend, time to study or put to practice newly acquired skills, it’s important to track down all the activities to fulfill during a day as to prevent not only losing time in unimportant activities but also to remember everything that should be done in a day.

3) Relationships

By this, we are not only referring to personal relationships as what could be coupled but also working relationships. People that are constantly exposed to stress, in most cases, happen to be suffering from stressful relationships with their bosses, co-workers, and taking that amount of stress to their household.

Remember that attitude is the first step towards a top-notch working performance. In case you have differences with your boss, it is best to sit down and talk about a way in which both of you can manage to achieve the goals the company has without compromising, even more, your personal relationship as part of the organization itself. A discouraged employee won’t be able to deliver the same energy to the working environment as a person who feels the work that is doing as their project.

4) Lack of Exercise

There is a well-known link between a sedentary lifestyle and a good amount of health issues, and besides those who can define themselves as couch potatoes, people happen to fall under the claws of a sedentary lifestyle out of lack of time for doing the needed exercise time a day.

Motivation is a factor of course, as people that are suffering from financial inconveniences won’t be feeling driven to take sport as an activity in contrast which what happens to successful business entrepreneurs; however, there is important to not take lack of exercise as just another element to add to your list of pending things to do – by doing 45 minutes of intensive walk sessions a day you most likely feel renewed energies by the end of the week.

5) Distractions, Distractions and More Distractions

Not every single person that quotes distractions as the reason why their performance is struggling has ADHD. The most common distraction to take into account for the past 5 years is social media and mobile phones, thus the reason why they are banned in many working environments.

Nevertheless, there are other important elements to consider in our working environment that can lead to distractions:

  • Loud conversations.
  • Music.
  • Lack of proper working space.
  • Phone calls.
  • Outside factors: urban noise.
  • Uncomfortable working furniture.

In case you wish to help your overall performance, do sit down and track the elements you consider might be taking your focus from the work to get done.

If the factors are strictly your responsibility – like losing time in chit-chat or social media – then it is time to consider new habits; if, on the other hand, is related to your current working conditions, then politely approach your bosses and talk about what could be done and how can you help to fix this situation.

Not only you are showing interest in doing a better job, but also you are acknowledging your current limitations – an A+ score for projecting a professional image with your boss.

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