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Some people are averse to working with recruiters during their job hunt. They feel recruiters are, by nature, salespeople who are just out to make a quick buck or two rather than being invested in a candidate’s long-term career. 

While it’s definitely true that recruiters want to make money, the stigmas of working with a recruiter should be avoided. 

There are many positive benefits you, as a job candidate, can enjoy and leverage while hunting for your next job. In fact, in many ways you are better positioned to land your dream job by teaming up with a quality recruiter to help you along the way. 

Here are 10 reasons why you’re better off working with a recruiter to land your dream job.

1) Recruiters have insight that candidates aren’t privy to

Recruiters have a relationship with organizations and hiring managers. In fact, they are in constant contact with hiring managers to discuss candidates and job requirements. So, to put it simply, recruiters have insight that candidates can’t glean from a one-page job description plastered on every job board.

When you work with a recruiter, you may gain access to information that could help position you better for the job. This information would otherwise be unavailable to you if you were pursuing the job independently. 

2) Recruiters are your second set of eyes

In order to land that dream job, you’re going to need to be sure all of your documentation is well-reviewed, proofread and in the best shape, it can possibly be in. Recruiters are invested in your success. When you succeed, they succeed. So they are more than willing to sit down with you, review, collaborate, proofread, and even run practice interviews with you.

3) Recruiters are immovable, stable, trusted advisers to many hiring managers

Hiring managers have a lot of trust for recruiters, especially those who specialize in sourcing candidates with a niche skillset. So, when it comes down to making a decision on who will land the job, hiring managers often give weight to a recruiter’s opinion and insight.

Teaming up with a recruiter who specializes in your niche will definitely put you one step ahead of candidates who might be interviewing for the job independent of a recruiter.

4) Recruiters handle sticky salary negotiations and can act as “the bad guy” on your behalf

Recruiters handle all salary and benefit negotiations, which is really ideal for you. If these negotiations get sticky and heated, your recruiter can act as the “bad guy”, allowing you to start the start new job without any awkward tension or sore feelings.

5) Recruiters can manage the job search burden while you still have a full-time job

Finding a job is a full-time job. If you already have a full-time job, it’s hard to find the bandwidth to manage your day job responsibilities while also searching for your next new opportunity. This is where a recruiter comes in. They act as a resource to identify opportunities you, as the job candidate, may not have time to pursue independently.

6) You can build a long-term relationship with a recruiter

Oftentimes, candidates and recruiters can really get to know one another and form long-lasting, trusting relationships. The better a recruiter knows you, the more likely they are to find a job that fits you perfectly. When it comes time for you to start a new job search down the line, you can head back to the same recruiter.

7) Recruiters can provide confidential searches for currently employed candidates

If you’re interested in pursuing a new opportunity but don’t your current employer to know, handling your job search independent of a recruiter could put you in a compromised position. Recruiters specialize in confidential searches for employed candidates so that you can rest easy that your current employer will not unnecessarily find out.

8) Recruiters can save candidates from the “black hole”

Doug Mintz, a regional staffing manager, uses the “black hole” analogy to help candidates understand the value of working with a recruiter exclusively. 

“Many candidates get very frustrated when they submit their resumes directly to companies or websites and they never get a response,” says Mintz. “But it makes sense that they don’t get a response; they submitted to the ‘black hole’.”  

The “black hole” phenomenon can occur for any number of reasons. Perhaps applicant software triggers eliminated your submission, HR Professionals are overwhelmed, or HR/In-House Recruiters/Talent Acquisition Teams may not have the knowledge of recognizing a great candidate. 

Working with a recruiter can significantly diminish this “black hole”. They work directly with the hiring authority and are aware of the job status at all times. Also, if a recruiter isn’t working directly with the current company or hiring authority, they are well equipped to penetrate the organization to find out who the correct contact/hiring person is in order to give the candidate some visibility.

9) Recruiters offer you free expertise

Recruiters are specialists in their field; they are masters of the job search and hiring process. That’s all well and good, but what does it cost you? The answer: it costs you nothing. Recruiters are paid by the organization that hires you, which means you get expert services at absolutely no cost to you personally.

10) Good recruiters are well connected

Good recruiters have spent years building up their professional networks. When you decide to work with a recruiter, you are not only gaining access to an expert in the hiring process, but you also gain access to all of their industry contacts (which likely contains dozens of hiring managers in your field).


Stigmas are just stigmas. The truth is that recruiters are experts. They are well connected, well trained, and personally motivated to see you succeed.

So, you can choose to pursue your job search independently, or you can lean on a seasoned recruiter to help you find and land the perfect job you’ve had your eyes on for a while now. The choice is yours!

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Eden Fried is a freelance Marketing Coordinator at TxMQ Staffing, a company that works with mid market up through global 2000 companies to help address permanent staff, and contingent staff needs. When Eden’s not online, she can probably be found throwing around some weights at the gym, or cuddled up with a good book.

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