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Most of us have experienced the gut-wrenching feeling of being called to the boss’s office at some point in our career… 

Your palms get sweaty, your stomach hits the floor, you develop a lump in your throat making it hard to breathe… 

All you can do is ponder on what you could have possibly done wrong. 

Then come the dreaded words – “I’m sorry, but we have to let you go.” 

Now, what? 

Whether it is due to poor job performance, the company’s lack of funding or other various reasons, being let go is not an easy blow to take. 

Especially if it is due to performance issues, losing your job can really be a downer to your self-esteem and really bring down your self-confidence. 


You can’t stay down for long. Each day you spend pondering on the fact of losing your job is another day you have spent wasting time and money. 

So, how do you regain self-confidence following the loss of your job? 

Don’t worry – you aren’t alone. I’m here to offer you some insight into a few tips that will get you back on your feet and confidently back into the job market in no time: 

1. Help Others

Personally, it always makes me feel better to help other people. I feel accomplished when I see the joy and/or relief on their face after I have assisted them with something. So, during your downtime, instead of feeling sorry for yourself, use it to help others. Pro Tip: Use this time to do some volunteer work – you can add this to your resume, making you more marketable.

2. Use Positive Affirmation

Success starts with believing in yourself.

Each day, verbalize a positive affirmation and remind yourself of the valuable skills that you possess. Reminding yourself of your skills is a vital part of regaining self-confidence.

3. Get up and Get Active

A healthy mind starts with a healthy body – by getting in shape and feeling good about yourself physically, feeling good about yourself in your career will begin to come naturally. Use this downtime to focus on getting back into shape and feeling better about your appearance.

4. Give Yourself Time to Heal

Job loss can really take a toll on you emotionally. Given that the economy and your budget allows, take a few weeks to heal. Give yourself some downtime to focus on other things and to enjoy your brief moment of time freedom. Sometimes, it just takes a little break to really see your potential.

Developer facing issues in program

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5. Interact with Other Job Seekers

Oftentimes, when you are feeling down you begin to feel alone after job loss. Instead, focus on interacting with others in the same position. You are sure to meet other highly qualified professionals who are also without a job – demonstrating that you aren’t alone and that maybe the problem is not just you. This is also a great way to network and potentially land a job.

6. Expand Your Horizons

Most people don’t have time, or energy, to take up a new activity. But, instead of moping around during your free time, utilize it to take up a new skill or activity. Like volunteering, this is also a great way to turn a bad situation into a good one and use your time to improve your resume. Adding more to your list of skills is sure to boost your confidence!

7. Make a Schedule

You will always feel worse about yourself if you feel as though you are just drifting and are no longer being produced. Keep yourself on a set schedule after job loss – wake up early, eat breakfast, get active around the same time you would go to work normally. This will also make starting back at a new job much easier.

While losing your job might initially be a blow to your self-esteem and confidence level, it only takes a few smart moves to turn this bad situation into a good one. 

Take a step back and look at this as an opportunity to better yourself, improve your resume, and reset your mind before starting back at a new job. 

You will find yourself rejoining the workforce feeling more prepared and less stressed.

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Steven Sanders is a writer, and blogger. He lives in Los Angeles, California and enjoys spending time with his family and on his motorcycle when not writing. Steve is a contributor for Internships China.

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