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These days in the job market, there is a lot of competition among candidates searching for jobs globally. The only hope that the candidates have to get hired is having better qualifications than other competing candidates. Also, the advantage you can enjoy as a job seeker is your individuality and originality.

If you do not know how to boast about your skills or expressing yourself better than other job seekers in your resume, then there are little chances of obtaining a job.

But how can you express yourself to stand in the crowd? The best solution is presenting yourself as the best candidate for the job than other candidates.

Below are some excellent tips that you can apply in your resume to create a great first impression and convince your potential employers.

1. Talk about Facts Using Numbers

One of the best secrets of producing an impressive resume is providing facts in numbers.

Numbers, visual representations, and statistics provide a lot more information to potential employers than unclear statements that fail to support your contribution to the last company that employed you.

You can start by quantifying the results and showing how you helped your manager achieve the company’s goals.  

For instance, you can talk about how you helped your organization to achieve significant profits by quoting figures indicating the profit differences you met from the previous one.

Talking about numbers is an excellent technique that can boost your chances of getting a call for an interview. Since you convince employers what they desire to attain in their companies.

2. Focus on Your Achievements

A resume that only lists job duties and descriptions don’t interest an employer much than the one that has achievements. Writing a resume that has duties and descriptions don’t make you stand out from your competitors.

You should not only write about what you did in your last job on a daily basis. But rather about the activities and achievements that you did that contributed a positive impact on the development of the company.

Common Resume Blunders

When you focus on your achievements in your resume, you will have a competitive edge over other candidates who are not creative enough to produce an impressive resume.

3. Be Specific about Your Experience and Skills

A major mistake that job seekers write on their resumes is to describe generic information about their experiences and skills. Some of them fail to show enough details to support their skills. A fact that does not present to employers what they are looking for in your qualifications.

For instance, saying that you have skills in database development on an IT resume without explaining where. And how you have implemented such skills does not fully convince an employer.

When writing about your job titles and skills on your resume, you should be very clear and precise. Doing so allows employers to understand the qualifications they need in a position. And visualize your work in the applied job position.

The quicker they do that, the better your chances become getting a job. Therefore, provide some valuable examples of how you acquired your skills and adequate information about each duty you completed.

4. Play with Words Advertised in the Job Requirements

Keywords and action words used in a job advertisement are significant on your resume. Before you start writing or editing your resume, ensure you read and understand a job advert and description so that you know the requirements. While you are reading the advert, try to grasp the purpose of the company culture and establish the right tone for your resume concerning the company.

For instance, you can incorporate words they advertised in a position such as ‘accomplished, ‘managed’, ‘succeeded’ or use better words that describe the desired candidate in the advert and include these words in your resume.

This process will make the employers think that you have the qualifications they are searching for in a candidate.

5. Make Your Interests Unique

When you write a resume, you should be careful about the details you put on it since your success is found in the details.

Even though your interests may not be the initial thing that employers note on your resume, they are still crucial since they get to know more about your personality inside and outside the workplace.

Rather than listing familiar hobbies such as traveling, watching movies, or playing sports, which are everyday activities to almost anyone, ensure your interests are as unique as possible.

For instance, if you are applying for a hotel chef, say you like to read latest cookbooks and recipe magazines.

To conclude, using these tips will ensure you make a great first impression with your resume. Also, if you present your goals that reflect employers’ need in the right way, you stand a chance of getting a call for an interview.

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