6 Sure-Fire Routes to Freelancing Success

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The world of freelancing work is changing fast. With more and more people opting to work as a freelancer, freelancing is rapidly becoming mainstream employment for people.

In US alone every one out of three workers are working as freelancers. This number is going to increase further and further.

With many startups and companies opting for freelance service, the amount of work availability for freelancers is also tremendous.

But, with the increase in Now, if you are a freelancer and looking for ways to succeed in the market, then we have got some tips for you.

Here are 6 sure-fire routes to freelancing success

1. Market Yourself

As a freelancer you are a brand yourself and like any brand you have to market yourself. There are several ways through which you can market yourself as a freelancer, like-

a. Develop a Portfolio

Anyone who is going to hire you for a project firstly needs to see your work, so as to access your capability and knowledge.

Therefore, you need to create an online portfolio of your work. Make sure that the portfolio design, the content used all makes a good impression about your work.

b. Social media marketing

Businesses and startups lookout for freelancers on social media sites and as such your presence there is a must. Make sure you are joining groups, following accounts that post jobs for freelancers, have tips for freelancing, etc.

In the social media groups, several individuals and startup post about their requirements. You can easily contact them, set up a meeting and work for them.

One suggestion that we would like to make is that always be professional while contacting someone on a social media site, even if it’s someone you know.

c. Website

Having a personal website is a must in this digital age. This website would be your face in this online world and a medium for you and the world to connect with each other.

Also, when people search on search engines about freelancers in your field, they would definitely see your website and might contact you upon liking your work. Our tip is that you should make sure that your website is optimised and search engine friendly.

2. Network

There is a huge chance that someone from your family or your friend can become your first customer. So, the first step of increasing your network should be letting your friends and family know that you are taking the freelancing route. This way if they need any service, they would contact you.

Also, you can use LinkedIn to increase your professional network, get noticed by people looking for your service. Do join groups on LinkedIn related to your service as these are the places where most people would post their requirements.

Asking for referrals from your colleague, past client, etc. can also be a good way to land new work.

3. Secure a Contract

Having a legal contract with your client is the first step one must take when both have decided to work together. In the contract, one must state the work that has to be done, the pricing and any other information one may deem as necessary.

Check what legal documentation is required in your state and have it made accordingly. The reason for having a contract is that many a times the designer either receive partial or no payment at all.

Having a contract ensures that the client is legally bound to pay you for the service undertaken.

4. Stay Organised

One of the major problem with freelancers is that they have too many different work to do. With no one above them to monitor the progress, at times they do not complete the work in the time duration specified.

This not only creates a wrong impression of the freelancer in front of the client, but also increases the workload of the freelancer.

Therefore, we would recommend you to maintain a spreadsheet that carries all the information like ongoing works, payment received, pending work, etc.

This would help you a lot in making your work organised and delivering it on time. You can also use Trello for the same, where you can assign yourself work, schedule the completion date, etc. to help you in the process of being organised.

5. Be Flexible

When you are working for a company, you have full creative control on the project. But as a freelancer, you might not have the same control.

The reason being when a client gives a work to a freelancer, they already have some ideas in mind and want the freelancer to bring it to life. As such the client usually dictates the term of development of the product.

At times, this does not goes well with the freelancer and they either leave the project or pursue it half-heartedly. This not only creates a bad impression of you, but also leads to financial losses. Thus, as a freelancer you need to be flexible and adapt as per clients demand.

6. Ensure Quality Work

 While there’s no doubt that as a freelancer you would want all your project work to be top-notch. But, sometimes due to work pressure, external factors, etc. one might not be able to deliver the same quality in the given time.

As such, we would suggest you to ask few more days from client. Alternatively, you can only pick one or two project so that you have your entire focus on these project.

Giving a quality work and that too on time has been one of the major sphere where freelancers at times lag behind organisations. This, leads to hesitation among individual and companies in hiring a freelancer for their work.

Thus, to create a reputation as a freelancer with quality and timely delivery, you must make sure that you submit the project timely and is up to the mark.

These are the 6 sure-fire routes to make your freelancing business a success and grab great project and client. So, what are you waiting for? Also, do not forget to share your opinion on the post in the comment section below.

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