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If you’ve been in the workforce for a while and are proud of your qualifications, then you are already familiar with the importance of building a career.

Being successful in a particular field is a hugely fulfilling experience that can complete your life and make all your hard work worth it in the long run.

But where can you start?

Contrary to popular belief, large retails chains such as Family Dollar are an excellent place to build a career in. Because there are quite a few located in almost every state, the chances of finding one in your vicinity are high. Furthermore, the positions they usually offer are suitable for a variety of aptitudes and skillsets.

Therefore, Family Dollar is a viable option for both graduates looking to put their knowledge to good use, as well as seasoned pros that are looking for a change of landscape. 

If this is something that you think would suit your needs and preferences, then here is everything you need to know about securing a job with one of America’s biggest franchises -Family Dollar.

How to Secure a Job

Family Dollar is one of the largest retail chains on the North American continent.

According to JobApplicationCenter, it has more than 50,000 retail employees in 7,100 stores and 9 distribution centers all across the United States of America. Furthermore, their corporate headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, employ an additional 1,400 people.

The application process is quite simple. The company has its very own online portal, which makes it easy to navigate to the careers page. Once you get there, you can browse their wide offer selection and pick out one or more potential positions that you seek and are qualified to occupy.

Even though Family Dollar is a store, the career options aren’t only in retail. You have three categories to choose from: store careers, distribution center careers, and corporate careers.

As previously mentioned, their offices employ considerably fewer people, which means that job openings in the latter sector will be a rare find. But with determination, you can succeed in this path as well.

To apply for listings, you need to create an account on the company website.

After doing so, you can enroll for multiple jobs at a time. As for your resume, you can either include it in the form or build one on their site directly.

Applicants need to be at least 18-years of age to be eligible, but this surely won’t be an issue for a young professional.

The process is just like any other job application. What is more, the interviews tend to be highly proficient and straight to the point, without any trick questions or filler content.

This is essential for a business which such a large employee base that is always looking for new people to help its expansion on the market.

If you’ve sought out positions that you are qualified for, such as management or higher, then securing a job is relatively easy. Although the field is just as competitive as any other, Family Dollar takes pride in its equal chances program that selects candidates based on their aptitudes and no other secondary considerations.

Why Work at Family Dollar?

Family Dollar is a valuable American business, all the more so when considering that Dollar Tree and Dollar General, the two other major names in the same business pool have fought over it in 2014 and all through the beginning of 2015. Due to a prospect of regulatory certainty, the board chose to sell to Dollar Tree in the end.

The Wall Street Journal reports that, even though Dollar General ended up having a more considerable offer of 9.1 billion dollars, the company accepted Dollar Tree’s less risky 8.7 billion that came free of any sort of antitrust conflict. Thus, as of January 2015, Dollar Tree and Family Dollar are one sole unit operating under the same code.

But the company’s huge worth on the market alone isn’t enough to offer a reason why young professionals should seek out a career in retail through it. Nevertheless, other perks come into discussion at this point. Because of its adaptability on the market, the retail chain has managed to expand even in the direst of economic landscapes.

This means that their employees also have the chance to grow within the company and advance into executive positions. Thus, if you exhibit determination and are passionate about your occupation, it’s relatively simple to stand out for a promotion. This makes it the perfect place to put your skills to good use and enjoy the benefits they bring.

Family Dollar is one of the few businesses in the industry nowadays that truly offers equal benefits for employees of all genders, ages, and so on. It thus provides a fair and healthily competitive environment in which youth at the top of their field can flourish and explore their vocation prolifically.

According to the store’s official code of business conduct, Family Dollar’s main goal is to become “a compelling place to shop, work and invest”. This is achieved through the staff’s honesty and integrity beforehand, which promotes a healthy company culture that is focused on both personal and large-scale improvement.

Final Thoughts

All in all, it can be concluded that applying for a position with a large retail chain such as Family Dollar has more to offer than initially meets the eye. Of course, the company’s stores will always be a good starting point for entry-level candidates, but there’s no reason to dismiss them as being unfit for professionals.

Family Dollar is an excellent resource for management and corporate careers that are fulfilling and lead to tremendous amounts of success.

Due to the company’s fruitful and adaptable business model, growth is always sustained, which leads to better opportunities for staff as well. Therefore, a position here will always be something worth considering.

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