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When it comes to SEO writing in 2020, things will change in a great manner and in case you are not prepared now, you won’t be able to keep up with the times.

The good news is that the SEO trends next year display the clear search engine priority of the content that fulfils every particular need of the lead generation company. The major change to SEO in the upcoming year will be the development of voice search as 50% of all online searches will be voice-based by 2020.

With the help of voice search on the desktop or Smartphone, it is still good enough to have the links appear on the very first page of Google search results. 

Let’s dig deeper and find out the 16 dos and DONT’s for SEO writing in 2020 :

Do’s and Don'ts-SEO Writing

1. DO NOT Ignore the Relevance of Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most beneficial parts of the content strategy which can help you in targeting the right audience and optimizing your website. This further builds links and helps in developing content for your audience or any online marketing campaigns.

For the campaign pieces, blogs, white papers, and service pages, etc., all the keyword research is done by following the SEO guidelines to identify what keyword phrase will likely bring in relevant traffic for your website blog.

Some DONTs you should not forget

  • Don’t forget to use the keyword in the title tag.
  • Don’t forget to use the keyword in the meta tag.
  • Don’t forget to use the keyword with significant variations in the text.
  • Don’t forget to promote your blog.

2. DO Make Your Content In-depth

Rather than publishing the half-baked blog posts twice in a week, produce a thoroughly-researched article that could leave a great impact on a great number of the audience. As lack of right information will slow down customer engagement and further result in low ROI.

People love stories and that is why you should share the experiences as it will build authority and trust.

Never forget that Google wishes to display the most effective content for a search query. This is the major reason why you should invest an ample amount of resources and time in generating the content that can cover your target audience’s pain points.

In case the content can offer answers to the queries of users, it will bring the best results. 

3. DO Write Quality Content

In case you look closely at the major writing trends in SEO, one thing is common for all i.e., maintaining content quality. Irrespective of how instant your site loading time is, how well the keywords match the user intent or how cool the videos look, there is no way that you will have a good rank if the content is not good.

It is suggested to publish less in case you do not have the budget or time to generate sufficient content.

In today’s intensely competitive market, the quality of your content matters more than ever. 

Quality Content-SEO Writing

Please note that quality has nothing to do with the flashiest user-interface or the most impressive graphic design. It refers to replying to the right queries as well as offering useful, top-quality information to the reader.

4. DO NOT Imitate Your Competitors

Mostly in this situation, people take the help of live chat to interact with the customer and to solve their queries. You can only provide value to your business if your voice for the writing words is unique and creatively different and original. There are a lot of writers out there in the market who copy as well as rewrite blog posts throughout the industry, from the digital marketing world to finance to motorcycles to bio-hacking to real estate. 

In terms of writing, the only time you must pay heed to the customer’s competitors is for the keyword rankings as well as top linking sites. You should provide your writers with the guidelines required to produce something which will rise above proverbial noise. 

5. DO Rewrite

Write. Read. Edit. And then rewrite. Repeat.

During the rewrites, eliminate anything unimportant, as well as simplify things. While guiding the writers, instruct them to outline and then blow out the very first draft without having to worry about sloppiness, spelling, or grammar issues.

Never forget that magic happens at the rewriting stage. However, do not forget that the aim is not to edit the written piece to “perfection” as it will lead you to be extra cautious about everything as well as you won’t be able to deliver the content on time.

Perfection-SEO Writing 

6. DO NOT Forget to Be Exceptional

Always keep it in mind that the only method of dominating the digital world is by creating an exceptional service or product, as well as remarkable marketing. Now, this also refers to the creation of exceptional content writing

You should leave no stone unturned in making each word count for producing a remarkable piece of content.

In case something doesn’t add value or make sense (also called “fluff”), do not show reluctance in killing it and creating something new, or rewriting the existing piece. Put an equal amount of energy into your every written piece, be it the 160-character Meta description, 250-word product copy or 2000-word blog. 

7. DO Master the Art of Patience

Needless to say, patience is the basic driver for achieving success in any sector, from building the business to relationships and, specifically, for writing. It takes time to write good content and for that most of your time includes editing.

This is the major reason why you should learn patience for editing, rewriting, and editing as much as needed, to become a much better writer. Moreover, perfectionism is procrastination. 

8. DO NOT Ignore the Significance of Headline

The headline of your content comes under the category of the most relevant elements of writing. Put a lot of time into producing the headline just like you do while creating every piece of your content.

Always use the target keyword and do not forget to appeal to the emotions.

Ensure the fact that while doing content writing, you do not make your headline an afterthought, but offer it the much-deserved creative energy. 

9. DO Learn the Science Behind On-Page SEO

It will help you in easing up things for your company, whether you have the SEO team or not. It is suggested to learn about the internal linking structure for passing the link equity to those pages which you wish to highlight for both search engines and readers. 

On Page Optimization-SEO Writing

Format the on-page SEO for including the same in snippets, like: 

  • Utilizing bullet points.
  • Breaking-up the written piece into various headings.
  • Focusing upon sentences or words with italics or bold. 

In addition to this, in case you are working on blog or page content, you must learn how to write exceptional meta descriptions.

They can assist you in backing up that equally amazing headline you wrote and as a result of which, the agency or business you are associated with will start loving you more. 

10. DO NOT Become Irregular

Your Company should keep uploading the schedules for the blogging campaigns in a consistent manner. In case you are doing 3 blogs weekly, they must be scheduled at the same time on the same day as per the analytics of when that site usually gets the most traffic.

The same rule applies to all the writers out there. You must train yourself for writing every day at the same time, and your creativity/mind will adapt to it instantly and ultimately, the flow of words will turn out to be seamless. 

There is no denying the fact that average writing cannot build loyalty and without loyalty, you won’t be able to make your mark and will remain just another online writer.

As the SEO trends get continuously updated in 2020 as well as beyond, you will also be required to empower the writing skills as much as possible. 

 11. Do Use a Tool to Avoid Content Embarrassment

You should always keep track of what you are writing. Right from the keyword research to sending blogs, you should use tools to avoid silly mistakes.

  • Always use keyword analytics to identify the right keyword and to improve the efficiency of the content.
  • Use Grammarly or any tool to check the grammar and spelling of the content and help you in writing content faster and better.
  • As it is always tricky to identify plagiarism in the content, choosing an online tool to check the plagiarism of the content can help you without any error.
  • Alexa, Moz, and Hubspot are also a few other tools that will help you in making the right decision to write content that could fit best in the category you are writing.

12. Do Not Hesitate to Write Without Any Delay

Don’t ever feel afraid, stressed and uninspired while writing a blog, this may reduce your productivity. There is no waiting for the right time for writing content with perfection and creativity. This is the only time, time to research, time to explore and time to start writing content without procrastinating.  

Points to help you gain self-confidence while writing:

  • Just Start Writing now, the words will flow itself.
  • Do not repeat the patterns of writing, stand and move to refresh your mind and once you are ready, sit down and start writing again
  • Set a deadline for yourself to increase your writing speed.
  • Don’t just be perfect; write content with full imperfection to train yourself to write better content next time.
  • Choose a goal to avoid any difficulty while researching the content you are interested in writing.
  • Find a location where you can best use your mind and write content with full interest and dedication.

13. Do Not Get Affected With the Criticism

A good writer should always understand the difference between good writing and bad writing. Good writing is not always about appreciation and perfection, you should always take the criticism with full positivity and learn from those mistakes to go the extra mile which many people will not take.

Do not back step to rewrite the content if demanded by the clients and choose to be different. To become a good writer and to become a professional, one should be humble and one should have the willingness to listen and accept change.

14. Do Not Forget the Interest of the Audience

Writers these days just focus on SEO and forget to gain the attention of the audience. This is not right to ignore the reader’s interest and write only to please the search engine and run behind Google ranking.

One should always make a strategy that focuses on both SEO as well as caters to the interest of the audience. An SEO strategy will help you in identifying the required content which helps you in Google ranking and with the help of that content one must write content that should be a great read for the audience.

15. Do Not Forget to Add Images While Writing Your Blog

Adding relevant images on your blog post not only makes your writing look attractive but also makes it easier for the readers to understand what exactly you are trying to deliver. Attractive images drive the reader’s attention and help you in engaging more audience which further helps you have huge traffic and more social engagement.

 Things you should take care while posting an image:

  • Find a photo that fits best with the content.
  • Share live, experienced pictures.
  • Edit downloaded photos and give credit.

16. Do Write Using ART (Authority, Reputation, and Trust):

It is very easy for readers to recognize fake and trash writing. The writer needs to gain complete and true knowledge about the topic he is writing. If you want to write content with ART, you have to read daily and follow their lessons.

You have to write with full authority to build a reputation in the industry and gain trust from the audience.

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